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Self Of Steam Cooking

I know how it looks but I didn't use the Waffler to make the chicken. I swear I didn't.

I’d like to thank KanYeBreast on Twitter for inspiring this idea. She’s a hilarious follow and a renown cook on the interwebs. Check out her appetizing blog here for humor and delicious recipes. Another good foodie is Elon James White (who’s been on the podcast before) and you can check out his food blog here.  Now after viewing those blogs you probably feel like the fat guy in the gym. As inspirational as that should be it’s actually a little discouraging. Why even cook at all if you can’t match their skill level? Is there even a chance you’ll ever randomly accidentally perhaps one day cook something that could go to college and graduate to look like one of these items?



No? Me either but what you CAN possibly do is make something similar or better than my concoction above. It’s a split chicken breast that was marinated for 3 days in wine and garlic and then grilled outside on the … uh … grill. And the veggies are sauteed chayote squash, yellow sqaush and onions. 24 hours ago I hadn’t ever heard of chayote squash. Anyways I put this on Twitter and openly invited the world to mock my food. And a lot of people definitely got in some good jokes. The chicken was called a frog, Darkwing Duck and a bat. And that’s when I realized MY gift for cooking.

Yeah that’s right “gift”. KanyeBreast and Elon James unintentionally intimidate many of us to keep our food pics off Twitter and our bodies out of the kitchen. Well I think my lack of skill will encourage many people to say “Hey I can do something better than that.” And that’s what I’m about. I believe I will inspire many more people to pick up their neglected kitchen utensils and follow me on my journey to cook for myself.

Cooking for myself is about making healthy choices for me and taking control of my diet. I doubt I’ll ever get to the level of “plating” and preparing food the way the pros do it. I guarantee I will make the average person feel much more capable of making their own food. And despite my lack of presentation skills… Karen and I both cleaned our plates. It was better than it looked!

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  1. Corbin Macklin

    08/03/2011 at 8:31 AM

    I hate people who look at your 'presentation' and say it looks nasty and they know they can't cook a lick. It ain't about how good the food looks on the plate but how it tastes and whether or not you need to be transported to the local medical facility lol… I cook and it don't look all that but it DO taste all that… so yeeeeeeea

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