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293: The Legion of Blackness

Rod and Karen are joined by the hosts of Blacking It Up Elon James White, L Joy Williams and Aaron Rand Freeman to discuss April Fools Day, Lottery tax, Tax lottery, Mitt Romney, pandering to blackness, the Hunger Games, Google to the rescue, Mitt Romney gets fooled, Bully, Toure, Ninja Turtles, theater tweeting, 3D prices for 2D movies, Nas going to Africa, shooting over the kids, killing wife for dog feces, old homophobic woman, Food Stamp Friday and sword ratchetness.

Intro: Brooklyn Go Hard – Jay-Z
Outro: Brooklyn – Fabolous

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1 Comment

  1. Miss Krysable

    04/04/2012 at 12:22 PM

    Hey Rod aaannnnd KAREN aka Rodren aka Mr & Mrs Baratchet Ol ‘Bamas. Was it just me who sensed this or was Elonce basking in the flashbacks of his White House or did yall sense that too? Elonce has been all extra proper and stuffy for the past few months bringing his ratchetness level down to a 2 and 4 for afterblack. Psst *clinking to glass bottles ala Diddy in the Flavor in Ya Ear Remix* Eeeelonnnn come out and plaaayyy. You know you want to, when was it the last time you hammer bammer bammered huh? Love her, can’t wait for our slumber party (wink wink I got the web cam ready girl, ,hey girl), but LJoy got you all whipped buttoned up, going to church n what not and the chatroom….hmmm, their sensitivity level can stiffle real raw conversating-ness. And what about the children, do you think being all reasonable and level-toned is healthy for Aaron?

    Come on Elon you know you want to release your inner nigglum on a more steady basis. My challenge for you Mr James White is that you come back on TBGWT more often for the sake of balance because we don’t want you swording your in-laws or the Republican you’ll be battling on CNN er whatever. Releasing your inner Jaquaun Kunta X will help you get to the Obama level of coolness and sanity even if you use an alias and use a voice box to cover your voice please appear on TBGWT more often 🙂 thank you!

    PS: Rod give Karen a good birthday spanking for me tee hehe

    Miss Krysable

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