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1422: Dr. Whom

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Rod and Karen discuss some drama in the activism world, Wells Fargo fall out, man dragged off airline, Rod’s random thoughts, Zoe Saldana, French Montana, teacher messed up, white people news and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Anonymous

    I love the “random thoughts” segments! Maybe it could be incorporated once a week or biweekly!

    Secondly, I think friends on the internet is equivalent to text over call! I just rather text, so much easier!

    Love the show! Gets better by the show

  2. EvieE

    That video of United dragging that man was just out of pocket. And I can’t help but wonder if the man wasn’t chosen because he was a person of color. Would they have treated a white man like this? I can only imagine how they would treat a black person. United will lose a lot of business over this, I know they lost mine because I had to book an airline ticket this week. I fly at least three to four times a year and when I was searching online for flights, United airlines came up with the cheapest tickets. I paid the extra money to fly another airline for the peace of mind. Fuck United until they clean up their act and give that man a proper apology. I hope he sues them for millions as well as airport police for brutalizing him.

    Speaking of that doctor, the media couldn’t wait to drag his name through the mud but I saw articles online that said they chose the wrong Dr. David Doa and that the doctor with the criminal record was a different guy, so it’s possible they smeared the wrong man’s name all in the name of capitalism. If this is true, I hope he sues those newspapers as well. So tired of this shit.

  3. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod and Karen,

    I don’t have Facebook and did not read the now infamous post, so I don’t know all the ins and outs of this Luvvie situation. I do however follow Luvvie on twitter and her website and have liked what she has to say about black people, especially black women, so Im saddened to hear about this messy hole she seems to have dug for herself. I saw her response to the incident which she posted and I have read people’s responses to this post. I agree that she was clearly responding to something specific that we may not be aware of. Unfortunately, people seem to really be hurt and angry about Luvvie’s words and she opened the door for people who were waiting for her to slip so they could come for her. I don’t know this is all going to play out, but her deal with Shonda is in its beginning stages and I hope doesn’t get derailed because I want to see this world Shonda seems to be trying to build where black people who have made it help others on the come up.

  4. lamalamatime

    Hey TBGWT peeps,

    In regards to North Africa and Morocco, North Africans and Moroccans are actually Black. It is complex though. Prior to the spread of Islam and the Arabization of North Africa, North Africans looked Black, as we think of it today. The Moroccan population is primarily composed of Berber (Amazighen), Gnawa, and Arab peoples. The Amazighen and Gnawa people are indigenous to Africa. Due to Arabization a lot of people in Morocco and across North Africa are indigenous African and Arab. In Morocco, predominantly Amazighen and Arab, so Arab and indigenous African (Black). The Arab colonization of North Africa was slow, spanning centuries. So someone who is from Morocco is very likely to be Black, given the population.

    I have left a few historical type posts in comments. I majored in Arabic and have been researching the Arab colonization of North Africa to better understand what Blackness is. I hope it makes sense and isn’t annoying.

    • lamalamatime

      The first Amazighen peoples are the ancestors of dark skinned ethnic groups, like the Fulani, Tugareg, Zenagha. I wish I could talk out loud about this! I am not sure I am making sense.

  5. mirahnirvana

    I am one of the three people who laughed at inverse racism. My thoughts went on a tangent after that. *cue yeeeeeeeah music* I found it hard to function after that joke. *cue yeeeeeeah music* Ok, I’m done. 😀

  6. fyahworks

    I love the “random thoughts” segments! Maybe it could be incorporated once a week or biweekly!

    Secondly, I think friends on the internet is equivalent to text over call! I just rather text, so much easier!

    Love the show! Gets better by the show

  7. D Ramsey PhDone

    Rod….I love your opening for this podcast “Ready to give our opinions on things that we have no business talking about!” You two have done so much for me in the past few months and I love your opinions, commentary, humor, and insights. Keep on keeping on!

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