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TNO 102: Jumanji 2 – Men In Black

Rod, Aaron, Kriss and Karen discuss listener feedback, Sony might be for sale, Black Dynamite 2, Disney streaming service, Roxane Gay not invited to Black Panther premiere, Elon Musk selling flame throwers, Y: The Last Man, Tesla auto pilot fails drunk man, AMC sued over stunt man’s death, Charmed reboot drama, DCEU fans want to sabotage Black Panther’s RT score, F. Gary Gray directing Men In Black, Switch online service coming in September, Voltron season 5 coming, Zachary Quinto, Mario animated movie, Human Uber, Dumbledore won’t be explicitly gay, Venom trailer coming soon, Switch outsold Wii U already, John Lasseter, Snipes wants to do Blade 4, Suicide Squad 2 will be more grounded, Bad Boys For Life, Black Panther tracking higher, Facebook deletes racist DCEU group, Krypton prequel coming, Shuri solo movie, Lethal Weapon 5, Candy Crush congresswoman and DCEU fans raise money to seen kids to see Black Panther.


  1. rodimusprime

    How y’all doing? I’m sure fine after experiencing the excellence of Black Panther. Gonna keep this short and sweet. I laughed, I cried, and when it was over I wanted to watch it again. Damn this was worth the wait. All that beautiful black skin, the action, and the storyline was perfect. Can’t wait to hear you guys take on it. One more thing if anybody can find a “Killmonger was right” t shirt let me know cause I’m getting one in every color. Peace out and keep doing what you’re doing.

    Peace and love Carlton

  2. rodimusprime

    Wassup fam. I definitely won’t drop a spoiler in here but I just wanted to say a few things.

    Black Panther was the greatest cinematic experience I’ve had in my 36 years. No hyperbole. Spiritually, emotionally, visually, and personally. Words cannot describe what it meant for me.

    I was so nervous all day I kept checking to make sure I had my tickets. I was scared as fuck that we’d be late getting to the theatre. And even when they scanned my ticket I was afraid the bar code wouldn’t work or something.

    I knew going into this that I would see it at least 4 times in theatre. I’ve never had that type of anticipation or confidence in a movie.

    The movie finished and I looked at my lady and said “so we all just have to go back to our regular lives now???”
    I didn’t want that joint to end.

    The fact that we all got experience this as a group through the internet and social media just added to it.

    I really started this email last night with so much to say but the words are just escaping me.

    I’m finding extremely difficult to discuss the movie and not just go on and on about how it made me feel.

    Shout out to the entire cast and crew. I’m so thankful for this moment.

    Any ways, man. Y’all be good and have a great show today.

    And going forward I’ll address all white people as colonizers!!!! Lmfao!!


  3. thundercat21

    Hey Rod, Karen, Kriss, and Aaron,

    I am writing you after having seen Black Panther 2 times and with tickets to the DC NegroCon Mixtape. Just wow! I first want to thank you all for preparing me to see the movie. The background information you have given, suggested comics, and stories have been amazing. Also, thank you to whoever listens to this podcast and takes Rod’s ideas straight back to Marvel. Those “Racism Eyes” were awesome to see in a super hero movie. Wonder Woman and the Amazons want no parts of Okoye and the Dora Milaje–Marvel wins again. I must say seeing how awesome Black Panther is has only increased my pettiness and I now look at the comments of angry hoteps and haters just to reply with a smile and a quote from Rod’s mug: “Die Mad About It.” I also want to thank you for the knowledge you have helped me with about comic books and movies, in general. I now have the confidence to shut down fake know it all idiots. I sat through the Venom teaser trailer. A stranger next to me said “awesome!” I said “it’s trash.” He said “It’s Marvel, it’s going to be good.” I said, “It’s Sony, its trash.” Anyway, let’s not dwell on the negative. Happy Black History Month! Happy Black Panther Month! Wakanda Forever!

  4. DeonBmore

    What up King Rod, Queen Karen, King Kriss and King Aaron.

    I can’t wait to see Black Panther tomorrow. I have to take my daughter to a daddy/daughter dance tonight, that’s the only reason I’m not seeing it tonight. I have subconsciously been trying to find things to punish her for so that I can skip the dance and see it tonight but she’s been extra good so off to the dance we go.

    I don’t know if it’s from living in Atlanta, but the anticipation for this movie is so high that I hear random black people talking about this movie at the gas station, gym and just being out and about. My wife is wearing her best West African lapa and head tie, shit that we save for formals to the movie tomorrow. The movie is going to be all the way live.

    On to regular nerd shit, are there any comics in particular that you would recommend outside of Marvel/DC/Image? I have some extra bandwidth to pick up some new books since I’ve dropped quite a bit from my pull list. Only thing outside of the Big 3 that I’m really up on are some of the Valiant books.

    Anyway keep the show coming and I’ll see you in Wakanda.

  5. Amani

    My niggas!!!!! I was about to hit y’all up on some No Flex Zone but Black Panther was even better than I could haved dared to let myself dream. They just said fuck it and went all the way there. The BARS!!!! Coogler said don’t worry, we’re keeping this shit all the way 100. Can’t wait to see this shit again at the DC Meetup with my fam.

    Do we get tired of y’all being on each other’s shows? Nigga, no! Who is turning down free bacon with breakfast? Sorry T’Challa this is *Captain America* Civil War, no room for you in this movie. Take Spider-Man with you too, we don’t want more of a great thing.

    But fuck Elon Musk. Flamethrowers dawg? First of all he just put on a car on a rocket into space. And now they’re claiming it accidentally went off course? You can’t fool me. This Lex Luthor ass villain planned this all along and he was really looking for Kryptonite or something in that asteroid belt.

    And my nigga! Donald Glover in the fur!!! Black Historeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  6. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod, Karen, Aaron, and Kris,
    Hell naw we don’t get tired of hearing you all on each other’s shows. You guys bring out the best of one another and I love the different takes and flavors you all bring to the table.
    I have also been wondering why nobody reviewed the Robert Kirkman’s Secret Comic Book History show on AMC? It aired at the end of the year and I found it really interesting being a budding nerd myself. I was curious if there was a conflict that prevented any discussion.
    Anywho, I am a huge fan and love all the great content you guys put out. Happy Black History Month and Happy Black Panther premier. I totally bought my whole family tickets so we can roll deep.
    Much love,
    Scrum Master Flash (Jynene R)

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