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1624: Have You Seen Black Panther Yet?

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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. KungFuTreachery

    Oh, yes nigga!!! Them income taxes done came in, and you know what THAT means…I’m PREMIUM one mo’ gain!!! Not for the month, but for a year on they bitch made ass!!!

    One more thing about Black Panther: the most nigga-ass line in the whole movie; “ALL THAT CHALLENGE SHIT IS OVAH!!” Just wanted to get that in, LOL! PEACE!!!

  2. Marci

    Wakanda Forever! Me and my kid are going to see it again, maybe a 3rd time depending on the theater. I knew it was going to be great but I think it surpassed all expectations. I love Shuri so much and I was a fan of Letitia Wright already and was so exited she was in the movie. The only thing that makes me a little sad is that Wakanda isn’t real. Just knowing a place like Wakanda existed would make me ridiculously happy, even if they wouldn’t be accepting white refugees, lol. I love the part at the end of the movie when T’Challa says something about not building barriers. I wanted to start clapping and hooting, but I mean I live in white-peopleville so I probably would not have been well received. POC are so much more fun at the theater, I don’t know why whites are so uptight at the movies. Oh well, either way the movie is amazing and I can’t wait to go see it again and buy the blue ray when it comes out!

  3. Top Frases

    What a wonderful movie… Black Panther.

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