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BDS 280: Larsa Pippen Secures The Bag (Again)

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Floyd Mayweather, Jerry Richardson donates to IAAM, Chad Kelly released, Curt Schilling, racist trolls on dead Utah athlete’s page, MJ invest in e-sports team, CBB trial convictions, David Stern, Jim Boeheim keeps em broke, NFL fires ref mid-season, Doc Rivers, Matt Barnes wins custody, Sam Bradford cut, Kanye with LaVar Ball, LaMelo returning to high school, Patrick Beverley is dirty, Kyle Lauletta, Rodgers-Cromartie retires, NHL MGM partnership, Boogie ejected, Sharrif Floyd suing Dr. Andrews, Stephen A Smith getting sassy on Rajon, Cavs to host 2022 all-star game, Larry Drew gets paid, Wizards, Tristan won’t watch KUWTK, Roger Federer says Serena went too far and Mike Woodbury.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod and Jaymond Green,

    I’ve ate chicken, cornish hens, turkey (wildly overrated meat) and duck. This past week was the first time I got to taste some falcon, because the Cleveland Browns fried the fuck outta the Atlanta Dirty Birds! If I told y’all that Matt Ryan throw for 330 and 2 TDs; Julio Jones had 100 yards receiving and 1 TD; Austin Cooper had 1 TD. Who on Earth would see those stats and then believe that that team would lose to the Cleveland Browns by 12? Special shouts out to anybody that is a UGA fan and Falcons fan, since they got treated to seeing UGA legend Nick Chubb run buck wild over the Falcons!

    Speaking of University of Georgia alum Nick Chubb, I noticed something strange about his stat line:

    Chubb had a stat line of 20 carries, 176 yards, averaged 8 yards per carry and 1 TD.

    2+0+1+7+6+8+1 = 25.

    The Falcons blew a 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl, never forget.

    Speaking of teams down south that took an L from Cleveland: the Hornets looked more unfortunate than Cody Zeller’s thinning scalp as the Cavs blew the doors off them. Did they get stung by hornets before the game? Might as well say the Hornets are washed cuz they got beat by a team dressed like some damn Tide Pods. Seriously, the Cavs were wearing the Nike “LeBron Doesn’t Play Here, Fuck’s The Point?” City Edition jerseys and flourished. Has Kemba Walker recovered from getting blocked like Twitter troll by known defense stalwart Larry Nance Jr?

    How much worse will Markel Fultz shooting get with Jimmy Butler in his ear?

    Draymond Green is really about to break up the Warriors, out here acting like the front office would pick his loud ass over Kevin Durant. And I think I know the perfect place for Draymond Green to go after he leaves the Warriors: The Washington Wizards. I can think of no other team where Green’s motivational tactics and penchant for wanton dickheadery would fit in better.

    Have a great show and weekend y’all, peace!

  2. Darienfoxx

    What up Rod and J. Donkey,

    Back in 1998, a young foolish Kelly Rowland called herself the 2nd lead vocalist for Destiny’s child. Everybody else laughed in her face. Draymond is out here going full Kelly Rowland. He thought he could disrespect KD, but then he got a rude awakening…nobody believes in him the way his mama does.

    Speaking of “Team Try-Hard”, it looks like Jimmy Butler is about to fuck up another young team. The Sixers are just the Eastern Conference’s Timberwolves. Why did they think this would work? Oh well, maybe it’s just for one year. Then he can go join up with a recently release Draymond Green and create the most intense lineup of all time. No team will sign them. They’ll just show up to practices, scrimmage the first team, and scream at everyone in the building.

    Also, I heard DeAndre Jordan come up in the last episode. Yeah, Deandre is having a mediocre season in Dallas. EXCEPT he’s shooting 82% from the free throw line. I want him to go to the All-Star game just so people can keep fouling him. Watching DJ hit free-throws is more exhilarating than any dunk I’ve ever seen.

    Always love the show y’all,

  3. rodimusprime

    What up Rod and Justin,

    All praise to LeVeon Bell! I’m glad he held out and stuck to his principals. Here’s hoping his hold out serves as a statement to other players who can afford to skip a year and go into free agency. After the injury to Earl Thomas and his decision to rejoin Seattle and end his contract dispute, I hope the players realize that Bell made the much smarter move.

    Meanwhile, in basketball, Draymond continues to Draymond. How are you going to steal a rebound and take a play away from one of the best scorers on your team at the end of a close game? That made no sense unless you factor in how petty Draymond is. KD has been balling all year and Draymond is upset he’s already thinking about free agency? Who cares? The Warriors are 11-3 and are going to win their fourth title in five years. Why mess this up w being petty?

    Good show as always,


  4. Amani

    Hey Rod and Jaymond Green

    Justin got that new schedule and started letting it all hang out!

    Donkey already blew one title because he couldn’t stop hitting dicks, now he might break up the Warriors because he can’t stop being one. Just because they care more about Steph than KD, doesn’t mean they’ll pick your Black ass over him. But this is what happens when you get these assholes who swear it’s a motivational tactic instead of just being annoying as fuck.

    And speaking of, welcome Jimmy Butler to the Sixers! I mean you can’t mess up Fultz and his Charles Barkley golf swing ass shot any worse, and you know Chrichelle is gonna be happy if he starts fucking with Ben Simmons’s non-shooting ass. Embiid will clown him right back unlike KAT so this might be the best fit for him.

    Meanwhile Rod’s agenda of Melo messing up Houston neva lost! Now he has time to reset his petty and be ready to root against Boogie in the second half. We all knew this wouldn’t work, how couldn’t they? Unless this was just a petty agenda from his old coaches. Jeff Bzdelik his old coach in Denver, quit as soon as the Rockets signed him and now is rumored to be coming back now they’re talking about dropping him. What if Mike D’Antoni only signed off on getting him if he knew this was going to happen so he could push him out the same way Melo did when he was in New York?

    Appreciate y’all as always, and shout out to Larsa Pippen for taking the lead for 2018 Balls of the Year for securing the bag again!

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