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1861: Random Rambling

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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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CBC Interview: https://www.cbc.ca/radio/day6/new-zealand-mosque-attack-boeing-s-market-pressures-surviving-game-of-thrones-putin-s-internet-and-more-1.5057274/snow-or-stark-who-will-get-the-axe-in-game-of-thrones-final-season-we-have-some-predictions-1.5057293?fbclid=IwAR2duxicQ95gdPljTEXX5cZYeaO1C1LPQT-s8_SW8F13Q_t2RxabcFuXNhE


  1. CT

    I finished the episode, and it started very serious with a very important message. But thank you for those last seven minutes with the Canadian interview. It really made me smile, I’m so glad that you both are getting the exposure you deserve. And I liked listening to your expectations for the new GoT season! I know you both don’t like to do a lot of theories, but it’s great getting into your minds for a minute.

    I am disappointed by one thing: I didn’t know y’all were gonna be White Walker Nationalist. LOL. Just kidding guys. I hope John Snow at least gets to LEAN on the damn throne though.

    Aight y’all bye !

  2. EvieE

    Congratulations on your Canadian interview! I basically agree with most of who you said will die but honestly as much as I love dem Starks, I’m rooting for the White Walkers this season. Let the culling begin. Barring that I wouldn’t mind if Sam and Gilly take the thrown because you know Gilly would appreciate all the nice things

  3. AngieP

    “We done made it up to Canada mate!” – Karen
    tl;dr we don’t use “mate” in Canada, we use “buddy”

    Congratulations Karen and Rod on your CBC radio interview! CBC is our publicly funded broadcaster and it’s the Canadian BIG time so you’ve done good! I really got a kick out of listening to my favourite podcasters on my local radio. I also think the White Walkers should rule the throne.
    Now that you’ve migrated up north of the border I feel protective of you and want to let you know Karen that you have your Commonwealth countries crossed. Now admittedly I was misdirected when I corrected your use of “toboggan” and said it was a “toque” (pronounced too-que) but you’re in my country now so I’m semi-confident no maple syrup apologies will be necessary 😉
    Karen in your podcast you greeted us Canadians as “mates” … well mates are Australian not Canadian. Just so you’re up on the lingo when you’re up here it’s proper to call us “buddy”, “friend”, or “guy”. Now granted this can get confusing because Canadians use “buddy” for both a friend and for just some nameless guy on the street who’s name is not relevant, for example: “I was at the store and buddy wasn’t looking where she was going and rammed her cart up the back of my heels.” I’ve attached a short South Park YouTube link to help with the cultural confusion. https://youtu.be/zuQK6t2Esng
    Congratulations again, I wish you both all the success in the world and I’m happy to hear you’re getting the recognition you so rightfully deserve.


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