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1940: So You Just Out Here?

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Rod and Karen are joined by comedian Shalewa Sharpe to discuss her upcoming album “So You Just Out Here?” We also discuss her career journey, being on Jimmy Kimmel, the Atlanta comedy scene, Epstein dead, E-Scooters in Atlanta, man threatens to shoot everyone at Braves stadium, man brings AR-15 to Wal-Mart, man robs bank with note that has his name on it and sword ratchetness.

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Blog: www.theblackguywhotips.com

Voice Mail: 704-557-0186

Shalewa’s Website: www.ShalewaSharpe.com


  1. greatunclebob

    Great guest!

  2. Anzidavis

    Rod & Karen, ya’ll be having the best guests!!!!

  3. katrese206

    This episode was so funny & fun! I loved the various discussions & jokes. You guys are amazing. I really enjoyed Shalewa… I listened & enjoyed her first album immediately after listening to the show… can’t wait for the second one.

  4. thatdudefromvi

    This was a PERFECT episode. There was such great chemistry and all three of y’all had me rolling and/or nodding my head throughout. Definitely have to cop Shalewa’s album now. As, Ava Duvernay would say, “Brava!”

    All the best,

  5. Ashley

    I can’t get enough of the honesty and comedy of this show. As a white woman out in the world just trying to not be part of the problem, this show continues to teach me how to be part of the solution. Shalewa is brilliant and funny and I appreciate y’all bringing guests on your show who are entertaining and thought provoking. Thank y’all for all that y’all do to create one of the best podcasts out there.

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