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1941: Slave-less Plantation History

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Rod and Karen discuss Boy Scouts abuse scandal, New Zealand gun buyback program, TN total abortion ban, LGBTQ news, Taylor Swift, Sarah Silverman, plantation tour white woman, KKK application in cop’s house and sword ratchetness.

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  1. mlagman

    About Tay-Tay. I am mostly apathetic towards her, but I find the conversation around her and other polarizing figures interesting. I think part of it is the inability of people to allow for two things to exist at once. She is annoying AND she also did some cool stuff by going to court against that guy who assaulted her and by giving money to Kesha. It’s an “and” – not an “or”. The older I get the more I’m able to metabolize that things are not black and white and land squarely in the gray. It is easier and maybe makes people feel more righteous to pick a side and go hard, while it is not that sexy to be moderate and reasonable. Anyway, just my two cents. Keep up the good work!

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