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2052: Cancel Carol

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Rod and Karen discuss The Walking Dead.

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  1. Iman

    Watch Carol mess shit up again trying to fix it or go off on her own to save Connie and Magna by herself.
    53%-ers don’t learn!

  2. Evie E

    I regret nothing. I would rather watch Negan and Alpha have sex in the doo doo ditch every week than to feel bad that Henry is dead. I said what I said.

  3. Dee Ramsey

    Five Stars!
    I am so glad you both and the chat room are back with our weekly recap of The Walking Dead. I need Carol to do better and be better so that we can survive this latest war!

  4. MizzBarnes72

    This episode had my chest TIGHT! This was such a good episode, however the part that caused me THE MOST stress was the thought of Jerry being stuck. I’m like, oh God, please do not let Jerry get stuck in the caverns because he corn-fed. Everyone was exercising their right to be slender and here’s Jerry, tall, cute and corn-fed. He can’t help it! He has a spouse and a basketball team to get back too.

    And as much I love hentai, I wasn’t ready for that whisperer sex….out in the woods, Neegan hitting it doggy-style, after Alpha took a dump earlier, with no toliet paper around…….no thanks. I’m not old enough for that. Let me go back to this high school hentai full of nymphos and tentacle aliens.

    If this is what I have to look forward to for the rest of the season, then I need meds, therapy and a support group. Thank you again for the recaps and I soooo look forward to them. Enjoy New York next week!

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