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2057: Old Testament Gabe

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Rod and Karen discuss The Walking Dead.

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  1. Trey_swindu744

    Also forgot to ask you guys – do you think Eugene’s radio bae is being sincere and really likes him or is she just playing him?


  2. Trey_Swindu744

    Welp this fight was inevitable Rod and Karen , the blacksmith dude tried to tell them ! Hopefully they are able to fend them off somewhat but we will just have to wait and see , man I love this show! Thanks y’all


  3. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod and Karen, (This is for the March 8th Episode)

    Judith! How are they going to explain Michonne just up and leaving her babies

    Look at Carbecky wallowing in self pity over killing a Black, deaf, woman, and who is right there Johnny on the spot to tell her not to feel bad, Zeke. To paraphrase Killmonger, “Is this your Kang?” Shaking my damn head.

    Is the show trying to make Eugene a character I don’t just roll my eyes in disgust at whenever he is on screen. Well, it’s not working.

  4. MizzBarnes72

    Gabe the Punisher!

    Well, I see that Preacher Man found his testicular fortitude and is about unleash hell on the Whisperers. Where was this man a couple of seasons ago? This rage just let us know how much Saqqid’s death affected him (me too….he was quite cute to look at).

    Also the way that Alpha called Daryl boy just hit like Racists ‘r’ Us.

    Something that I didn’t catch until Lydia showed up…..she was the one that knocking off the Whisperers with HER bow and arrow. I thought it was Daryl, but it sure wasn’t….it was Lydia. I appreciated that little detail.

    And Beta aka Michael Myers was just killing it this week……..literally, he was just killing. I appreciated this nice Jason approach to raiding Alexandria. If you follow TWD on Instagram, they had some fun with the horror movie approach to Beta raiding Alexandria.

    Angela Kang is just outdoing herself week after week and I am here for it! Thank you so much for recaps!

  5. EvieE

    The way Alpha called Darryl boy you know she used to be racist as hell. I don’t remember seeing one single black Whisperer. And for once it seems like racism has worked in black people’s favor. I bet she used to call the police on black people all the time before society crumbled. This bitch has got to die.

    Rosita kinda got in my nerves. First she’s upset with Gab for not doing enough now she’s mad at him for doing the most. Which is it Sis? Gab only wants to avenge one of the brother husbands. I stand with Gab.

  6. Kemdoc

    Amazing episode. Loved the shots of Beta mowing down unsuspecting nondescript rando Alexandrians. It was magnificent and gruesome.

    As I said last week I miss Rick and even Maggie and Glenn. I wonder how they would navigate this. Coming back from the time jump sure they have a counsel, but how does it work when you’re in the thick of it with murderous savages. Gabe May have been right in his approach in wanting to capture Whisperers and Jack Bauer torture them. I mean look at what Beta was able to do to their community in one night. What would have happened if he hurt children?

    Alpha’s near death experience is something she can use to galvanize her people and pull them tighter into her mindset. They really gonna have to just blow Beta to smithereens with a claymore mine for me to be convinced they really killed him. Judith shot the dog shyt outta him and he sat up like the Undertaken. I nearly threw my remote lol.

    I’m interested to see what weapons were being forged to stop what’s coming at them. They don’t have a rocket launcher anymore. And keep Nicotero and his stale ideas away from the show y’all got me to love again lol. Pleaseeeee keep him away. I’m rooting for all the Angela’s….from Abar to Kang. Excellent recap as always.

  7. Dee Ramsey

    Five Stars because of you both in your Ms. Black Alpha voices during the recap of this week’s Walking Dead. I am here for Ms. Black Alpha, especially since Crazy Alpha had Beta beat her with a switch, as well as Alpha beating Gamma with a switch. This entire episode had me in PTSD mode.

    Gabe was not playing with anyone this episode, not even his bae Rosita.

    Beta was the Michael Myers of this episode. The way he bowed down and waited for the Alexandrians to become walkers was creepy as shyt…Like he did that before.

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