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TNO 152: Bad Boys 4Ever

Rod, Karen, Kriss and Aaron discuss listener feedback, Entertainment, Nintendo Switch shortage explained, J. August Richards comes out, Gearbox bonuses explained, Games Done Quick raises 400K, Netflix picks up subscribers, Last Of US 2 leaks (we don’t spoil it), Nintendo confirms account hack, Travis Scott concert in Fortnite, Spider-Man 3 delayed, Alinity suspended over boob slip, AMC beefing with Universal, Transformers movie delayed, ADL says Steam is a breeding ground for extremists, Taika Waititi directing Star Wars movie, San Antonio movie theaters open, Tom Cruise going to space, PewDiePie signs with YouTube, Pokemon Sword and Shield cheaters being penalized, How Not To Summon A Demon Lord pulled from YouTube, Ninja breaks silence on Fortnite banning a 9 year old, IronHeart series coming to Disney Plus, Black Mirror taking a break, Jess Carson gets job on The Flash, Grant Gustin wants Flash yellow boots, GameStop sell, Last Of Us 2 dog killing, PS Plus sale, Animal Crossing will get updates, Fallen Order sequel coming, Marvel digital releases, Boba Fett coming to Mandalorian and Bad Boys 4 script in the works.

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  1. Amani

    I didn’t know so many folks were excited about The 100 coming back. I mean y’all have been singing its praises for years, but all this hype online was a surprise. Oh, y’all mean that’s not the release folks were excited about this week?

    Shout out to DC. They’re really gonna release the Scammer Cut! We don’t need to rehash all the Snyder stuff, because it already doesn’t matter if this good, the agendas are set. This does make perfect WB sense with their extended edition Blu-Ray method taken to the next level and I just applaud the balls. And they’re making sure to release it in parts probably spaced out just long enough to make sure that one month free-trial auto-renews. I’m here for it. Next let the Game of Thrones fans pay for a choose your own adventure ending and write their own finale so we never have to hear folks complaining online again.  

    But the good news for them is it made everyone just forget Ruby Rose dipped on Batwoman after a year. I’m gonna wait until we find out more what happened behind the scenes, but damn that shit came outta nowhere. Oh well, hope everybody is doing good. Looking forward to hear more about Massa Karen’s Plantation. 

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