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290: Cut The Sh!t

Rod and Karen are joined by Jacquetta and Katie of the Hey You Know It Podcast to discuss Facebook politics, Spartacus dating, Magic Johnson, Angry black police sergeant, Lazy Susan, faking cancer, suicide by chainsaw, Tami gets sued, boy his ass was chapped, big ass knife, daycare over crowding, peeing on the baby, naked man shot, televangelist rip off, planning a wedding sans groom and sword ratchetness.

Intro: No Make Up – Kendrick Lamar
Outro: Show You How – Jay-Z

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  1. Had to follow up.

    On the political discourse subject I follow a very successful rule of thumb. If they start the conversation with “I think…” I talk openly. If they start with “I believe…” I end the conversation. 100% success rate of getting my points across without getting into a knife fight for trying to break into someone else’s bubble.

  2. Ice cube actually plays a pretty good angry black sergeant in 21 Jump Street. The movie itself was much funnier than i expected.

    On another note my bullshit theory regarding the republican backlash against women, is that Sarah Palin fucked it up for all women. Despite the fact that the VP running against Obama was a woman he still got the majority vote from women. So I suppose the GOP is on some fuck women shit in response.

    Also yes too much disrespect for Obama. Most of them don’t even address him as President Obama, Mr. Obama my ass…

  3. Rod, the zombie apocalypse is the one time you DO want a sword to fight with!! Remember: Guns. Cause. NOISE!!

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