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BDS 479: Spoverreated

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, NBA play-offs, Ja Morant, AJ Brown quits charity event, Schembechler in racist chatrooms showing feet, Andy Reid doesn’t like new kickoff rule, Matt Araiza works out with Jets, NBA may penalize floppers, LSU women’s champs visits White House, Josh Allen new boo, Jon Gruden is back in the NFL, DeAndre Hopkins released, Shakira dating Jimmy Butler, Bronny James prom date backlash, Kendal Marks accused of sexual assault, anchor jokes about Indigenous player’s last name, Shedeur Sanders dating Angel Reese, Sunday Ticket / DirectTV deal, Patrick Mahomes breaks silence on Jackson Mahomes and Pat McAfee could take Max Kellerman’s spot.

BDS 478: Anywhore

Rod, Justin, Karen, and Dominic discuss listener feedback, Ja Morant gun part 2,  NBA play-offs, NFL getting investigated, Bobby Huggins homophobia, Kim K supports Tristan, Pat McAfee getting a bad and no longer being sued by Favre, Stephen A apologizes, Jim Brown dies, YouTube messes up game stream, NBA solid play-off ratings, Bruce Miller, Tiger Woods,  Dustin Johnson hurt his back having sex, Draymond punch hurt the team, Jackson Mahomes offered promo for bar owner after forced kissing, Becky Hammon suspended, Adesanya claps back at ex-girlfriend and much more. And not in that order!

TNO 196: Check Your Emails

Rod, Karen, Aaron and Chris Lamberth discuss listener feedback, entertainment, The Flash will reset DC Universe, King of the Hill revival, Nintendo gives employees raises, Star Trek: Discovery ending with season 5, Punisher coming to new Daredevil show, GameStop employees freak out over RE4 pre-order cancelation, Creed anime coming to Amazon, James Gunn directing Superman film, Twitch streamer caught with deepfake porn of friends is now helping, Shazam fall out, Michelle Rodriguez won’t be in Avatar sequels, Moana live action movie, Stars getting new movie with Rey, PlayStation controller that changes temperatures, Game of Thrones prequel in the works, Street Fighter movie, Asus handheld gaming PC, The Marvels trailer get most dislikes on YouTube, Super Mario Bros movie breaks records, Horizon Forbidden West review bombed over queer romance, Elizabeth Olsen says Doctor Strange writer hadn’t seen WandaVision, EA not worried about Activision deal, E3 is dead, Phil Spencer takes responsibility for Red Fall being bad, Sweet Tooth getting final season, Midnight Suns not coming to Switch, GameFace AI and MMO players steal $20,000.

BDS 477: If You Was A Real Brother

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Dillon Brooks, NBA play-offs, Jamaal Jarrett anti-Asian racism, Ime Udoka opens up about regret, Serena is pregnant, DeUnna Hendrix resigns, Jimmy vs the T-wovles, Antonio Brown arena league drama, Trevor Bauer acting up in Japan, Jackson Mahomes arrested, Rob Murphy fired by Pistons, Angel Reese, Lewis Hamilton wants to race NASCAR, Sha’Carri smashes competition again, Howard Stern wants Black NBA players to speak to him, Tom Brady not turning down Fox contract, James Harden politely slaps a man, Veronika Rajek takes pic with Shaq, Kenny Smith on the beach with the titties out and Brett Favre asked Trump for help.

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