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TNO 193: Bambi: Hunter Be Hunted

Rod, Karen, Bacon and Sterling discuss listener feedback, entertainment, FFX 16 dev has horrible racist take, Avatar 2 has huge budget, Gears of War movie, Kevin Conroy dies, man shoots PS4, Silk: Spider Society, Xbox Series S on sale, Fast X budget ballooning, Ice Dragon animated movie, Sonic designer arrested, Bog Iger back at Disney, Twitch streamer gets cracker pass, Blade reboot will be gritty, Marvel’s Avengers spokesperson removed, Indiana Jones will use de-aging tech, God Of War Ragnarok fastest selling first party PS game ever, Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive reboots, FTC will contest Activision Microsoft deal, Calisto Protocol DLC, Xbox upgrading Series X home, Bambi horror movie and Fable.

BDS 462: Pippen and Jordan 2022

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Ben Gordon arrested again, Kyrie Irving, the Nets, Josh Primo goes after therapist, Udoka, Alvin Kamara punches man, Vanderbilt assistant sideline over pro-Kanye tweet, Miles Bridges files for restraining order, The Washington Commanders, Brittany Griner transferred to labor camp, Juan Dixon named in sexual assault lawsuit, Larsa and Marcus dating,  Tim Hardaway messes up again, Gisele dating new man, athletes being sued over crypto, RG3 wife embarrassed over his chicken eating, refs suing NBA over vaccine requirement, Cade Cunningham lost his crypto, Malik Beasley has new baby with wife he cheated on and a HS suspends season over sexual hazing.

TNO 192: It’s Giving Expecto Patronum Realness

Rod, Karen, LJ and Joe discuss listener feedback, entertainment, James Gunn heading up DC, Stargirl canceled, G4 TV shuts down, Petition to change Halloween Ends, Apple agrees to comply with cord rules, Vision getting a Disney+ series, Avatar will be over 3 hours, Marvel and EA agree to 3 game deal, Twitch streamer surgery update, Gamergate radicalized Pelosi attacker, Lupita Nyong’o Quiet Place spin-off, Venom 3, Sausage Party getting series at Amazon, Matthew Perry disses Keanu, The Sandman getting renewed, Microsoft gaming updates, Warner Bros will concentrate on new Harry Potter and Superman movies, Elon Musk fucking up Twitter, The Callisto Protocol getting a podcast, The Last Of Us series coming in January, Sony PS VR2 will be 550, Embracer Group shuts down Square Enix Montreal, Bayonetta voice acing update, Hideo Kojima getting offers for studio, Square Enix NFT announcement, Tuca & Bertie canceled, The Russo’s need a break, PS5 passes 25 million units sold, Modern Warfare 2 sets record, Black Adam wins box office again, Gotham Knights getting patches, Westworld canceled, Dodgeball sequel and Green Lantern TV show gets new direction.

BDS 461: I Just Exist

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Josh Primo cut from Spurs, Kyrie Irving suspended for antisemitic film promotion, Ime Udoka hired by Nets, D Wade sued by ex-wife over Zaya name change, Brett Favre in a new scandal, Lebron no longer rooting for Cowboys, Tom Brady is friends with DeSantis, Britt Reid gets 3 years, Hope Solo arrested again, Deion won’t let team leave hotel in wake of Takeoff’s death, the Commanders for sale while under investigation, NBA Younboy threatens Dejountae Murray, 300K Scottie Pippen game, IG Alize Jane model pregnant, 17 year old arrested for shooting Brian Robinson Jr, Aaron Rodgers getting some blowback, Joy Taylor Halloween costume, city tries to write in Josh Allen as mayor, Jay-Z and Bezos interested in buying Commanders, Russell Wilson and Miles Bridges pleads no contest.

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