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BDS 509: The Sociopath Solution

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, fixing All-Star weekend, Kenny Smith puts his foot in his mouth, Nets fire Jacque Vaughn, Travis Kelce slammed for partying, Antonio Brown owes someone else now, Larsa and Marcus might’ve faked breakup, Glorilla and Dame Lillard, the No Bull tour, Mayweather dismisses seriousness of Diddy accusations, JJ Redics vs Patrick Beverly, All Star Weekend requirements increasing, Stephen A talks about Pat McAfee’s race, details on KC parade shooter, Brittney Griner has jersey retired at Baylor, Johnny Manziel’s cocaine diet, FuboTV sues ESPN merger, EA wants to pay college players for NIL rights, Amazon Prime paying for NFL play-off game, Taylor Rooks and Joy Taylor joint podcast, Matt Barnes fired from broadcasting job, Lebron busted liking a TikTok star’s pics, MLB player showing it all, KD confronts fan that called him a bitch, State attorney trying to help Favre, Pelicans twitter claps back at Stephen A, Gabby Douglas has to delay comeback and Jordan Poole benched.

BDS 508: Marcus Jordan Back In the Will

Rod, Justin, and Karen discuss listener feedback, the Super Bowl, Steve Wilks, Isaiah Stewart arrested, shooting at Super Bowl parade, Larsa and Marcus Jordan split, OJ undergoing chemo, Tristan Thompson trying to get custody of his brother, Taylor Swift couldn’t attend Super Bowl parade, Brandon Aiyuk’s girlfriend comments on his free agency, Warriors tried to trade for Lebron, Shannon Sharpe threatens Mike Epps, Russell Westbrook has fan ejected, Nets reporter gets into car crash discussing trades and Draymond vs Nurkic.

PG 398: Buckle Bunny

Rod, Karen and Justin discuss Glorilla, Justin’s nephew’s basketball game, ground turkey, lifting weights, Beyonce, Nutritionist had to cancel twice, Fani Willis on the stand, Mr. And Mrs. Smith, True Detective Night Country, American Nightmare, Lover Stalker Killer, The Vince Staples Show and listener feedback.

TNO 207: Master Chief Was Beatin’ Cheeks

Rod, Karen, Sterling and Bacon discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Steven Yeun leaves Thunderbolts, Ahsoka season 2 talks haven’t started yet, Netflix¬† Marvel shows are canon now, Margot Robbie wants to pass of Harley Quinn mantle, MJ Face model dealing with stalking and harassment, the Mandalorian movie, Echo ratings, SAG-AFTRA makes deal that allows AI voice work, Discord laying off people, Ubisoft says gamers need to get used to not owning games, She-Hulk not getting season 2, RDJ says some of his best acting in Marvel movie, Japan lands on moon, Christopher Reeve’s children didn’t see Flash, Halo season 2, a third of gaming devs had layoffs last year, Hogwarts legacy best selling game of 2023, GameStop out of the NFT game, Book of Eli prequel, Microsoft cuts 2000 jobs, Nintendo Switch 2, Live-Action Avatar cut Sokka’s sexism, Pokimane leaves Twitch, Last of Us 3, Xbox may put exclusives on other consoles, Gina Carano sues Disney, Spider-Man 2 free trial, Funimation / Crunchyroll, MCU Slowdown, Predator spinoff, Jurassic World movie loses director, Moana sequel, Disney invests 1.5 billion in Epic Games for Disney Fortnite experience, Kumail Nanjiana needed therapy after Eternals backlash, Florida Joker drops suit against RockStar, Sega issue warning after sluggish Sonic sales, Spike Lee and Denzel making new movie and Stephen A Smith’s favorite X-Men.

BDS 507: Brittany Mahomes Milk of Magnesia

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Kobe’s statue unveiling, Patrick Mahomes Sr arrested for DWI, Morgan Freeman snubbed by college player, Favre must finish repaying MS, NLRB ruling could change college sports, Tyreek Hill divorce filing dismissed, Haywood Highsmith cited for careless driving, Kim K rumored to be dating OBJ, Donna Kelce won’t be sitting in a box at Super Bowl, Kayla Nicole, Aaron Rodgers invited on Jimmy Kimmel, Chiefs fan suing Bleacher Report, Brittany Mahomes is SI swimsuit rookie, Zay Flowers accused of DV, Raiders chilling with the cops and NBA trade roundup.

BDS 506: The Gronk Package

Rod, Justin, and Karen discuss listener feedback, Rondo is arrested, Kadarius Toney disputes his injury status, Donna Kelce gets Ziplock endorsement, Tyreek Hill says divorce was filed mistakenly, NBA draft going to two nights, DeMar DeRozan shares a Kobe story, Goodell’s comments on CTE, Aaron Rodgers wasn’t tight with Zach Wilson, Lebron drops cryptic tweet, the Enhanced Games, Razorbacks fans acting up, Adrian Peterson’s daughter gets D1 offer, NBA All-Star reserves and Embiid injury update.

LSG 53: Yes, McChef!

Karen and Rod bring you another helping of Lip Smacking Good. In Spicy News they discuss potatoes might not be a vegetable, Fruit Stripe gum being discontinued, McDonald’s bringing back the Double Big Mac, a McChef talk about duping McDonald’s food, the McFlurry spoon being phased out, the most popular fast food restaurants in each state and KFC bringing back the chicken wrap with a twist. In Meals of the Week, they discuss The People’s Market and Konnichiwa of Fort Mill. Rod breaks down zucchini noodles and his favorite rockfish recipe in “Cook Dat Nigga.” And finally, we get to your feedsmack for dessert.

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