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BDS 491: Terrell Owens Was Right

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Stephen A Smith dissing Max Kellerman, Patriot fan dies after fight, Colorado State coach talks shit, Touhy’s say they didn’t want to adopt Oher, mom hugs son after game, Lamar Odom crashes car, McNabb going to Outkick, Jerry Jones says he wants a Black owner in NFL, Sergio Brown disturbing video, Sergio Garcia tried to pay off fines to play in Ryder Cup, Mel Tucker says he has a serious health condition, Austin Rivers, Gilbert Arenas talking about The Dream, Sage Steele’s political future, NFL players retiring, Kevin Porter Jr case takes a twist, FBI raids Bears’ coach’s house, Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift and “Uh Oh, These Nigga’s Fightin!”

TNO 202: Stealing His Kingdom Heart

Rod, Karen, Aaron and Joe discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Switch passes Wii’s total US sales, Baldur’s Gate 3 could launch on Xbox Series S with no split-screen, Epic Games offers devs 100% profits for exclusivity, Sony raises Playstation Plus prices, Twitter wants to collect biometric data, Call of Duty using AI to catch harassment, G.I. Joe brawler, Stray getting an animated movie, Starfield causing Playstation users to wild out, Unity causes huge stir with new pricing model, iPhone 15 getting AAA games, PS5 update allows you to mute start up beep, Paper Mario getting remaster, Square Enix loses $2 billion in value, One Piece live action renewed, Ascendant Studios lays off half of staff, NASA promises to tell us about aliens, Lando is now a movie, Star Wars: Jedi Survivor leaves EA, Alan Moore wants all his royalties given to BLM, Starfield getting updates soon and Japanese woman arrested for stealing boyfriend’s Sora figure.

BDS 490: Buns And Basketball Breakdown

Rod, Justin, and Karen discuss listener feedback, Aaron Rodgers gets injured, Kevin Porter charged with domestic violence, Lavar Ball’s new shoes, Deion Sanders, Scottie Pippen hating, Real Sports ending on HBO, Carl Nassib retires, OJ is a guest on It Is What It Is, Jerry Jones sexual assault case moves forward, Jim Trotter suing NFL, Mike Irvin is back on the air, Mel Tucker releases statement after he’s fired, DraftKings gets canceled of 9/11 promotion, Giannis making demands, Gervon Dexter’s wild NIL deal, Bills employee apologizes for Stefon Diggs slander, Sage Steele gets in a good joke, the James Harden character assassination continues, Shannon Sharpe gets big ratings, Deandre Ayton upset he impregnated porn star, Micah Parson’s podcast and Panther’s player caught using burner account.

BDS 489: Undisputed – Niggas Hollering

Rod, Justin, and Karen discuss listener feedback, referee Eric Lewis resigns, the new Undisputed, A’Ja Wilson, MJ not supporting his son’s wedding, Noah Lyles backlash, Giannis threatens Bucks, Simone Biles is back, DeAndre Ayton with Katt Leya, Ben Simmons wants to return to Philly, Harden wants out of Philly b/c of Embiid, Stephen A dissing Jimmy G again, Free Brittany Renner drunk podcast appearance, Austin Reaves girl goes public, Justin Jones baby mama drama and a woman stiff arms someone into oblivion.

LSG 52: Swicy

Rod and Karen are bringing you another helping of Lip Smacking Good. In Spicy News we discuss Taco Bell sued for false advertising, Taco Bell’s free Taco Tuesday for everyone, Chick-Fil-A new menu offerings, hot foods can cool you down, Publix no longer selling hurricane cakes, Saint-Tropez restaurants charging $5K for reservations, Ding Dong Twinkies, Pumpkin Spiced menu items, Anne Frank burger with Hitler fries, Wendy’s breakfast, Dragon Balls are too spicy for customer and Hungry Black Man review bombs local Black restaurants.  For Meals of the Week we discuss Fat Cat Burgers and Bake Shop and Quik Shoppe fried chicken. In Cook Dat Nigga Rod talks about baking bacon, making scrambled eggs and salmon salad quick meals. Finally, we discuss your comments in our FeedSmack segment. Thank you for listening!

TNO 201: What Is Wrong With Zack Snyder?

Rod, Karen, Bacon and Aaron discuss listener feedback, entertainment, VFX artists unionizing, Red Dead Redemption port backlash, Sonic sequel filming without actors, Uncharted producer wants a sequel, Disney Plus raising prices and cracking down on password sharing, Wonder Woman 3 is NOT in the works, Embracer deal with Suadi’s falls through, Assassin’s Creed Mirage dropping a week earlier, bots are better than humans at CAPTCHA, Star Wars Singapore animation studio closing down, Xbox 360 store closing down, NERF movie, Baldur’s Gate 3 coming to Xbox soon, Zack Snyder has a 5 hour cut of Rebel Moon, Starfield leaker arrested, Playstation Portal, Charles Martinet retiring from voicing Mario, a modernized Atari 2600 console and Microsoft reveals Xbox Series X console wraps.

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