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BDS 469: Afraid To Shoot His Shot

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback,  NBA trade moves, Gracie Hunt defends Mahomes family, Antonio Brown knows when he got the CTE, Ja Morant allegedly wilding out, big booty woman takes pics of Lebron, Outside the Lines canceled, Ben Simmons wants his engagement ring back, Met’s owner flexing, Amber Rose offers to eat ass, no Crypto during Super Bowl, Michael Irvin in trouble, NFLPA wants to get ride of combine, Seattle Storm is the WNBA’s most valuable team, Liberty owner wants charter flights, Adidas shares plummet, Justin Fields sister joins WWE, Sunday Ticket class action suit, Josh Gordon in the XFL, Steelers locker room controversy, Favre suing people, Cam Thomas apologizes for gay slur and Uh Oh, These Nigga’s Fightin!

BDS 468: Ankh One Mixtape

Rod, Justin, Karen and Dominic Rivera discuss listener feedback, Black QBs in the Super Bowl, Joe Mixon allegedly points gun at woman, Tom Brady retiring again, Panthers hire new coach, Italian tennis player accused of using fake vaccine card, Florida losing recruit over NIL deal falling through, Usain Bolt scammed out of 12 million dollars, Conor McGregor hit by car, Omenihu arrested, Stetson Bennett arrested, Matt Barnes involved in another spat, Hulk Hogan back surgery, Dolan won’t sell Knicks, Josh Sills put on commissioner’s exempt list, Rhule suing Panthers, Super Bowl Monday, Kellen Winslow Jr appeal, Sean Payton to Denver, Deion Sanders already working his magic, DeMeco Ryans takes Texans job, grown woman pretends to be JV girls basketball player, Tua out of concussion protocols and Kyrie demands a trade.

TNO 195: $804

Rod, Karen and Bacon discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Velma is popular, what went wrong with Iron Fist, Wakanda Forever coming to Disney+, Avatar makes 2 billion, PS5 shortage, Stephen Amell coming back as Arrow, man stole money from work and lost it on GameStop,  WB says it’s done canceling shows and then immediately cancels Titans and Doom Patrol, Final Space creator launches Kickstarter, Dungeons and Dragons TV show in the works, Fear The Walking Dead ending, Digital sales accounted for 90% of games in UK, Gina Carano, Ubisoft cancels more games, Justin Roiland fired from everything, Marvel’s Avengers to be delisted, Angela Bassett nets Marvel their first acting Oscar nom, League of Legends source code hacked, Aqua Teen Hunger Force is back, the Razzies rescind nomination of 12 year old, Hogwarts Legacy developer respond to controversy, Squid Game reality TV show injury rumors, Kevin Feige doesn’t think people will get tired of Marvel movies, Nintendo ramping up production to prepare for new Zelda game, Naughty Dog under no pressure to release sequels, man falsely accused of playing games at work, The Last of Us renewed for season 2 and Tomb Raider TV series.

BDS 467: We Don’t Need Ed Reed

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Khloe travels to see Tristan, Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez accused of mishandling trust, TX fires Beard, Sharelle Rosado dating Ochocinco, Olivia Dunne crazed fans, Bauer released by Dodgers, Travis Kelce squashes rumors about making Kayla Nicole pay for everything, Kliff Kingsbury leaves for Thailand, Enes Kanter says bounty is on his head, Antonio Brown snapchat taken down, Darius Miles implicated in murder, Ed Reed and Bethune-Cookman, Dearica Hamby says she was bullied by her team over pregnancy, Tony Dungy issues apology for transphobic tweet, IG model exposes Anthony Edwards, Titans GM says wife almost left him for pursuing his dream, Larsa goes IG official with Marcus Jordan, woman accuses Connor McGregor of assault, 49ers player arrested for domestic violence, KD thought Steph Curry was white, Marcus Stokes, Dak’s girlfriend leaves him, Mike Clevinger accused of domestic violence, NBA All Star rosters will be picked live before the game, kids taunting during basketball and Larry Johnson Hotep Corner.

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