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BDS 439: Dick Riders

Rod, Justin and Karen are joined by Dominic Rivera of The Mind Of Dom podcast to discuss Darius Cooks, Kevin Samuels, listener feedback, NBA playoffs, Baker Mayfield, Ben Simmons has back surgery, Stephen A Smith news, DeAndre Hopkins suspended 6 games for PED violation, Kaepernick, Trevor Bauer suspended, Brittney Griner update, Phil Mickelson gambling loses, Lakers won’t trade Lebron, Ryan Clark refused to work with Sage Steele, Westbrook not speaking to Perkins, NIL Lamborghini deal, Cynthia Cooper-Dyke abusive behavior, Carson Wentz, Antonio Brown disses Kap, Jalen Rose opens up about divorce, Magic Johnson joining bid for Broncos, Brian Kendrick apologizes for Holocaust comments, Browns sent cease and desist to Hue Jackson, Earl Thomas arrest warrant, OBJ breaks the internet with his fiance and publicist and Uh Oh, These Nigga’s Fighting!

TNO 183: Keep Marvel’s Name Out Your Fuckin’ Mouth!

Rod, Karen, Aaron and D Palm discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Switch Joy-Cons, batwman is canceled, Kung-Fu Panda animated series, password protection, Playstation game pass competitor, Breath of the Wild sequel delayed, E3 canceled, Tomb Raider sequel announced, boyfriend edits Naruto filler out of series for girlfriend, WB looking to restart DC movies, Ezra Miller arrested many times, James Gunn defends Chris Pratt, Batman sequel confirmed, Justin Lin exits Fast X, Robotech live action movie, Doctor Strange 2 won’t cut LGBTQ reference for Saudi Arabia, Venom and Ghostbusters sequels, El Muerto Spider-man spinoff, Obi-Wan news, Twitch considering changing top streamer pay, Spider-Man Across The Spider-Verse delayed, GTA 5 transphobic references quietly removed, live action Voltron, Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio reboots, free to play Xbox games could get more ads, Playstation sets up game preservation team, Dragon Age 4 devs unionizing, Bill Burr defends Gina Carano, COD punishing cheaters, Raising Dion canceled, Moon Knight finale will be short, Walking Dead toxic fans, Fantastic Four loses director and Ant-Man sequel moved up.

BDS 438: Airport Debates

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, The Nets, NBA play-offs, Sage Steele suing ESPN, Pat Bev being annoying, Cowboys player a suspect in murder, Yaya Mayweather pleads guilty, Wayne Ellington threatens player, Chanel Iman moving on, Sunday Ticket moving to Apple TV, player cut for wanting pizza, NFL wants Christmas triple header, Bears player arrested with son in the car, Ben Simmons working people’s nerves, Cam Newton addresses sexist comments, Vince Wilfork’s son guilty, Denny Hamlin posts offensive tweet, Deebo Samuel wants a trade, sex worker offers first pick of NFL draft the draws, Royce White running for congress, Kenyon Dooling arrested, Shailene Woodley breaks up with Aaron Rodgers again, Amazon wants Black Friday football, Chris Balls is back at it, Russell Westbrook scrubs Lakers off his IG, another animal rights activist storms the court, Richard Jefferson thief sentence and Shaq owns up to being a bad husband.

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