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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Unity CEO steps down, Critical Role sexual harassment scandal, Pacific Rim 2 mix-up, Daredevil writers and directors fired, physical media coming to an end, live-action Gargoyles show, Netflix claims to add subscribers, Aqua Teen Hunger Force returning, Starfield sales figures, Nintendo will ease transition to new console, PS5 slim optical drive will require internet connection, Arkham Knight Batman costume controversy, Fantastic Beasts parked, Highlander reboot, Wolverine game will be set in same universe as Spider-man, Starfield continues to perform, Bungie lay-offs, Gamestop still ripping people off, Nicolas Cage on his Flash cameo, Marvel may switch from Kang to Dr. Doom, Futurama renewed at Hulu, Echo series won’t require previous Marvel knowledge, live-action Legend of Zelda, Avengers: Kang Dynasty loses director, Persona 5 publisher raises salaries, Mortal Kombat controversial seasonal fatalities, Pedro Pascal could be Reed Richards, PlayStation Portal, Spider-Man 2 sales, Comixology moving to Kindle, Amazon has laid of 180 workers, Steam Deck OLED and Black Friday deals.

BDS 495: I Love That For You

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Colorado players have jewerly stolen, Dabo Swinney goes off on radio caller, Joe Smith’s wife has a secret OnlyFans, James Harden to the Clippers, Lakers lift Lebron’s minutes restriction, Cam Newton has a new baby on the way, DOJ investigating NBA over the Big Three, Chris Broussard says the r-word on live TV, Marcus Jordan wants MJ as his best man, Taylor Swift / Kelce news, Taylor Rooks Halloween costume, Aaron Rodgers feed cut on ESPN, NY radio host hangs up on Giants legend, Nets cheerleader claims she slept with players, Kayla Nicole at the Lakers game, D Wade divorce rumor and woman finds out she’s been the side chick the whole time.

PG 385: The Black Man Grilling Gene

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss grilling, Brandon Miller, Drapetomaniax episode starring Rod as himself, Life on Our Planet, On The Media podcast, Palestine, listener feedback and some reality TV news.

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