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Day: April 29, 2012

305: Payme Forsilence

Rod and Karen are joined by KC and Chris Lehman from the Black Is Podcast to discuss money envy, hologram Left Eye, the Bang Bus, amateur porn, hentai, Decepticon weaknesses, crack head baby producer, ex-girlfriend dental revenge, fake badge, guess the race of the babies, Trayvon Martin rage, restraining order against a bully, lighting her husband on fire, grandma with a gun, all suspects arrested in hate crime, TSA drug scam, McKnight at the AVN awards, ball squeezed to death, boiled alive, polite burglar, extortion of a med student, no rap no liquor and sword ratchetness.

Intro: HiiiPower – Kendrick Lamar
Outro: Amazing – Kanye West

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