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345: Chilly Grapes

Rod and Karen are joined by the crew from the podcast to discuss their upcoming project, Chad Johnson, Honey Boo Boo, buying flowers, pepper spray, guilt free chicken, how to make Chik-fil-A at home, Rod vs Sampson, Lakers got Dwight, Dropping them keys, church apologizes, Allen West ad, LDS president, pie in the face, Papa John’s acting up, sword ratchetness, jerking it in public, booty look too good, Tuckahoe wife, sword love triangle, greased up party guy.

Intro: Black Ice – Outkast
Outro: You Got Me F#cked Up – Chance The Rapper

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  1. Dazz AKA @KunFuTrech

    08/18/2012 at 3:34 AM

    "Support your own, man. 'Cuz we been on the other side of this shit, an' niggas don't even get love in they home state. And then two years later when niggas blow it's like 'Oh! We always loved ya'll…!'…..FUCKA!!!"- "The Becoming" Rod's slight tank.

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  2. Rod, We cook Rare? What what Elon say about you marinating that chicken in water?…(Clay Davis voice)Shameful shit. That DMV slang is sumthin else, lived there for 8 months and still have peice that shit together and hope I get the jist. The pepper spray is a good idea until you have to use it somewhere you go all the time, like you said with the Sampson story "I live here". Allen West slapping white bitches is futher evidence of our post-racial society (sarcasm). Any way, great episode, and (Ike Turner voice)Eat this Key Lime pie Anna Mae!

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  3. Miss Krysable

    08/16/2012 at 3:27 PM

    Im not a big sports fan but I catch fiyah startah from time to time then I drop some sports lingo on the fellahs but end up feeling like how I feel when I speak Spanish to a spanish person then they start speaking really fast and I have to tell them to slow down but end up just nodding and smiling and looking past them as if someone were calling my name and make a mad dash escape.

    Logo put on Sugah Honey Booboo Ice Tea Child Baby to purposefully mock straight parents…uptop and 2 snaps yall.

    I am definitely an advocate for women who have been abused…but being headbutted is kinda funny plus with Ocho's dome…I'm sure he had a concussion too. That was an act of a desperate dumb man who was like "I can't put my hands on her but no one said nothing about my head. Using my head is good thinking".

    OMGOODNESS RODREN! If you guys do a straight up LHHATL show, let me know please…Yall didn't even go over my favorite part of the show when the cast does that post show confessional thingy…OMGOODNESS why they all standing up and pacing with all kinds of hand gestures and talking like they about to do some Def Poetry at any minute? with their frequent pauses like "And then (clasps hands looks up and pauses) I told myself (insert single eye tear) you are a skrong black woman (insert pointing motion and neck roll) and you dont need this (puts hands on hips and cuts eyes while rollling neck) mmhmm".

    Love you guys as always


    Miss Krysable

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  4. Uncle Dad!!

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  5. I'm glad I'm up on the Fiya Starter slang, but I do still have a question. I know what ITWAN stands for, but how do you use it, young? 😉

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  6. @saydatagain is a male!!! What!!! Say it ain't so!!! Great show guys!!! Literally!

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