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356: It’s Over @RealAnge

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  1. Chris Doyle

    Aloha from the 808 State! Is it possible this was one of the best, "Guess the Race", sessions ever? Was listening to this in traffic while sitting on the H-1 and busting up to the annoyance of my fellow traffic jam brethren and sistren…(is that a word?). Was at work listening to some old episodes, (I think it was 44 & 45 with the Mel Gibson voicemails) and you guys had me cracking up at my desk. Your running commentary and Rod mimicking Mel's breathing at the end of the show HILARIOUS! Great, great show.

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  2. jprojectz

    ayyo, fuck dis @RealAnge character!!! 1 question: y didnt she jus mute the hashtag? does SHE not understand how twitter worx? ok 2 questions.1 1/2. but yea,fuck her for her buffy-shade. or rather shade at u for fully enjoying 2 of the best shows of all time. anyway enuff about dat crazy chick, on to "In The Goodbye". BRILLIANT movie! rod u were right, THAT is good writing.excellent writing!and miss Yeames was/is amazing as always.

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