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413: Thick Chick Dick


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Rod and Karen discuss Catfish, rental car shadiness, fake ass nerds, real nerds, Lupe Fiasco, cross dressing robbers, Wiz Khalifa, All Gold Everything, arguing in Joe videos, boxing shape, dead black historical figures, fat woman attention whoring, massage hours, nurse necrophiliac, condoms, Florida teen, cleaning fairy strikes again, never touch a black man’s radio, sword ratchetness, donkey man strikes again, baby protection, Florida woman catches her husband in the act, threatening kids on Facebook, armed and dangerous, his Jihad and choking on dreadlocks.

Intro: Bonita Applebum – A Tribe Called Quest
Outro: Illuminate – Ab-Soul

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  1. The only men i've heard say that Nev and Max are gay, are straight dudes. They are what I like to refer to as "Midwestern" which is kinda like metrosexual, but slightly different. I'm not the authority on gay dudes, however, I know a metric fcuk ton of them, and all of them i've asked, don't get gay off Nev and them. I would like for Nev to stop telling these people they look good on meeting day when they don't though. He play too much. I'm just waiting for someone to get beat up, I think we'll get that before a happy ending. Also, Rod, when can I send Nev my email about us? I'm trying to get on the show, my dude. 🙂

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