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1688: Bye Roseanne

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Rod and Karen discuss Roseanne losing her show, Starbucks training day, Kim Kardashian defending her man, Pusha T’s artwork, Drake dissing Pusha T and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Mrs.CT

    Congratulations on selling out VIP!! That just means that people love the TBGWT so much that they want their own personal moment with you! You both deserve all the success you are receiving!! And we look forward to the day when you say the show is totally sold out!!

  2. Black Barista

    I was waiting for this episode for a long time.

    As someone had to go to the Starbucks Racial Bias Training (I was closing the store and was forced to stay) I can tell you that Starbucks had a good plan but horrible execution.

    Being the only black person in my entire district (except for the district manager) I was trying my absolute hardest not to go to the meeting. As someone who went from a mostly black store with at most one white person there to an a store where nobody got my Moesha references, I just keep my head down and do what I need to do. I knew it would be a lot of my white co-workers complaining about how much they didn’t want to be there and how stupid it was. I was right (85% of the county I’m in voted for Trump) but still. The reason the training took place later in the day (3-7) was because Starbucks has been losing afternoon customers for years now and they wouldn’t waste as much money at that time than an entire day.

    So it starts and we get put into three groups. I (surprise) get put in a group with the store manager. She’s nice enough but bless her heart I didn’t want her looking at me and asking me for my opinions (as a black person). We have a few non-white people at our store but they’re white-passing and grew up in this mostly Polish and mayo white suburbs so they knew as much on race relations as I do about being a white woman with mixed kids asking to speak to the manager. We get three big-ass papers, an iPad, and a personal notebook for us to “write our feelings” about unconscious bias and racism.

    The very first thing they told us to do was ask where our family is from and when I said “I don’t know, slavery was a wild thing” they knew I wasn’t really here for anything but food.

    They put every black corporate Starbucks employee in those videos (so like all 5 of them) and they gave cookie-cutter responses about race. We had a food break, which was dope because everybody brought food and I was hungry as hell. There were questions about natural hair (only black person in there), have they ever been rude to black people at work (again, only black person at work) and Common’s videos sounded like he was rapping some One Day It’ll All Make Sense verses at us. As someone who’s been black since before she was born, none of this was new to me. But to my manager it was life-changing.

    I asked about the hair policy (there’s no stuff in our handbook about natural hair so I’ve just been coming in there with whatever I feel like daring them to fire the only black barista in the district) and was told they’ll get back to me. I asked about the customer policy and if we can now finally kick people out for ruining the “third space” they want to create (there was this old guy named Pierre who kept coming in and saying the most racist shit, he was from France and claimed to have been a proud French Nazi when they occupied the country) and was told they’ll get back to me. When the whole thing was over everyone was patting themselves on the back and happy that they finally addressed all their issues and I made eye contact with the only Muslim person at our job. Just three days ago someone called her a Muslim piece of shit and said “her kind” shouldn’t be allowed in the US. Muslim people been here since before America was a country (a lot of the Spaniards who arrived in the Southern States to “found” them were Muslim) and the first country to recognize America as a free country was Muslim-ass Morocco but go figure. She has been asking our manager, district manager, and corporate to allow us to ban customers and refuse them drinks because of shit like that since she first started working. And they keep saying they’ll get back to her.

    So we made eye contact and gave each other the same look because even though Starbucks wants the partners to stop being racist, they don’t want to stop getting money from racists.

    So, yeah, the training was mostly for the white workers and ya girl got some free food.

  3. Sugarpop

    So glad your rap intros are back. I love your shock/confusion when the lyrics are wrong. You know those lyric websites are written by colonizers. LOL!

  4. Anonymous

    Hi y’all,

    Duppy, the title of Drake’s diss track, is a type of monster in Jamaica. My dad used to tell me the duppy monsta is going to get me.

    • Fyahworks

      Duppy actually is a Jamaican term for ghost

  5. Mimi

    I was meal prepping for the week yesterday afternoon, feeling weary of the ways of the world, and thought to myself ‘I haven’t had a good “Celebrate” from Kool and the Gang from Rod and Karen lately! Man…what a shame! I really love those victorious fun-filled moments where some racist, bigoted public figure falls from grace! We definitely are in a drout…sign of the times…’

    Then the universe said: ‘Here you go! You’re welcome!’

    While y’all didn’t play my fav celebratory song, it felt so good to commemorate the downfall of this racist with you both. Y’all had me dancing in my mirror, imagining that I was stomping on the grave of Rosanne’s dead career. BYE BITCH!!!!!

    Ps: Maybe the Black Pearsons could swap Deja’s ungrateful behind for that little black girl from Rosanne. #shrug

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