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1737: Robert Glaspin’ At Straws

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Rod and Karen discuss Azealia Banks vs Elon Musk, Nicki Minaj vs Safaree, Robert Glasper comes for Ms Hill, DL Hughley’s wife provided support for his mistress, pregnant black woman accused of shop lifting, Sam Smith isn’t an MJ fan, Bozoma Saint John rebranding Papa John’s, Micheal Drejka has done this before, Trayvon Martin documentary and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Dia

    I just wanted to leave a comment about the child support discussion. The way I see some black men on social media portray child support reminds me of a book I read more than a decade ago called, “What’s the Matter with Kansas” by Thomas Frank. A portion of the book is basically trying to answer the question, “why do poor white people, against their own self interests, vote and align themselves with
    rich conservatives?

    The answer was that these poor whites did not see themselves as poor. They viewed themselves as people who would one day be the rich conservatives they vote and aligned themselves with.

    I think for some black men, they feel that one day they will be the rich one who has to defend their money against some child support succubus. So by weighing in on these child support scenarios, they are somehow defending men who they see themselves becoming in the future…rich.

    People look real stupid online trying to calculate basic human necessities to justify someone is getting too much for child support. I actually saw a group of people on Facebook debating how to divide an electric bill for a baby in figuring child support cost. I mean they were literally saying things like, “the average temperature in California is this… and if a baby sleeps most of the day they don’t need to use lights… and the house is this many square feet then it should only be $500 for the whole month… and it’s the mother and another child there… so divided by three…”

  2. reallydarkknight

    Dear Rod and Karen,

    I loved this episode, then again, I love every episode. You made the case that some found there Blackness when Trayvon Martin was murdered. I saw the change in myself and others when Barack Obama started running for president and then once he got elected. Especially once wack-ass Sarah Palin came along with her bullshit did I get a sense of how white people started wilding the fuck out. Sorry White ladies, but I saw a whole lot of y’all getting your party on when Sarah! came to town. Once President Obama got elected, white folks really lost their fucking minds. Trayvon was just the most stark example of how the laws are once again stacked against Black children.

    I also think what also think that Twitter has blown up during this time and all of these stories that we’ve all heard for years really were put out in a way that they never would have before. Twitter can be a fucked up place, but there is no tool like it for getting this kind of information. Also, this was Black people showing how they really feel with other Black folks, so this is how they find their Blackness. White folks get to hear our thoughts out loud and it makes some uncomfortable with how we feel around them when we’re just trying to survive.

    Also, the Ant Hill can have all the seats. Robert Glasper plays my favorite songs. Missy Elliot has always been everything. Azealia Banks is not stable. Elon Musk isn’t either. Cardi B is all in Nicky’s head and Sam Smith needs to keep his thoughts to himself. And I could write a whole ass post about DL Hughley, but will save it because y’all said plenty.

    Sorry for the long post.

    Love y’all.

  3. HvyWght

    Maaan. I feel like Fred when Eddie started going in on Rosa Parks in the barber shop. You done gone too far! Ms. Hill DID settle a lawsuit filed against her by numerous musicians and writers on the Miseducation album for not giving proper credit and that IS why she can’t perform the songs in their original form, he wasn’t mistaken about that. SOME would say taking a creative’s work and claiming it as your own constitutes “stealing” but, i digress… While people can change, it is unreasonable to expect a person to give someone with a known pattern a clean slate when dealing with them. If Ms. Hill’s pattern is to treat musicians poorly and she’s already starting to show those signs on a gig you’re doing as a favor for a friend??? (Seriously, Robert Glasper is our generation’s Quincy Jones and even then was writing his own ticket) One may indeed have a chip on their shoulder! And, while there’s a longer rant in my Spirit about musicians not getting the recognition much like writers for tv and movies? Not knowing what these musicians went on to do doesn’t mean they haven’t had their hands in other classics! For instance, Robert Glasper is a credited writer and played on 4 or 5 songs on “To Pimp A Butterfly”! Not to mention his 2012 Grammy for Best R&B album… or the other 3 Grammys… or the Emmy. He definitely should have taken this to Ms. Hill 1st, though! But, maybe he was too busy touring with August Greene (a passion project featuring Common) for fun and not out of obligation to the IRS?

  4. Peaches749

    I cannot with the Ant Hill! Rod and Karen yall keep lmao!

  5. Amani

    This is a good right country, and I’m not about to listen to this Southpaw divisiveness. None of my parents owned any spiral notebooks! I didn’t build any desks. Stop making excuses and pull yourself up by your bootstraps the right way instead of this lazy, radical leftist propaganda!

    But go off Rod. Lefty shit! Lefty shit! Lefty lefty lefty shit!

  6. Clayton

    Hey Madam Karen and Brethren Rod,

    Long time listener first time reviewer but this episode compelled me to actually right a review. First thing first, ta hell with the Ant Hill and everybody in it! I hope yall build a tunnel to the lake and drown the whole colony! But to the true reason for this post. I have been listening to you guys for the LONGEST time but this is the episode that compelled me. You guys retelling of racist events that left you either perplexed or somewhat bothered really struck with me.

    This past weekend my wife and I were out celebrating a friends engagement. It was the first time we’ve been out as a couple without our kid in a long time. Since the kid was having a sleepover we decided to rent a hotel room for the night and actually relax. After the party we decided to stop by our favorite restaurant in Marietta, GA. Now Marietta aint exactly POC friendly BUT this is our favorite spot the food and drinks are phenomenal and the service is exceptional as well. We arrived there around 9ish and began to eat. As we were eating I could hear someone cursing loudly. My street senses kicked in and I began scanning the room to determine if we needed to vacate early. Eventually I observed this white woman in the corner sitting with some guy talking loudly at the bar. We finished our food, paid our check and began to collect our stuff. As we got ready to leave we noticed that the woman got up with 2 white guys. She then completely collapses to the floor. She was HAMMERED! The 2 men she was with were laughing, making jokes and eventually helped her up. At this tie we’re the only black people in the spot and the remaining staff, patrons and us looked around very nervously. As the 2 dudes were helping the woman out, another white male patron looked at me and said, “you look like a strong guy, maybe you should help them”! I was kinda like WTF you trying to say, but let it slide. As we got outside, we noticed a car pull up and another woman hop out. The 2 men shuffled the woman into the back seat. Man 1 also got in the back seat then Man 2 got in the driver seat of the vehicle and the other woman hopped into the passenger seat.

    This is what makes racism sooo perfect! I literally had to truly analyze the situation to determine if helping this woman could be the cause of me not going home to see my baby! Like my wife and I talked about this the situation in the car and she felt the exact same way I did. Like we talked about all the ways that situation could have ended badly for me! She said that even if I wanted to she would have intervened like nah. Racism is so diabolical that even as a man that feels compelled to help any and every woman, I froze. The funny thing is, both my wife and I agreed that if the drunk woman was a woman of color we would have NEVER hesitated to aide her, making sure she was safe, making sure she was cognizant. Hearing both of you guys recollect different accounts about racism and even thinking about the latest stand your ground shooting, mirrors my inner turmoil as this situation unfolded. I hate to know that we live in a time and place where I literally have to think about the safety of my family before trying to be a good Samaritan to someone of another race.

    Sorry for the long post, Love you guys!

    P.S. Thanks for liking my post on patriarchy last week on twitter (@MajorPaynEX)

  7. Coquinegra124

    I don’t know who Robert Glasper is, but I like him!
    And don’t talk to me about the Ant-Hill, I’ve got Raid.

  8. GWG

    i felt every single emotion throughout this episode, from laughter and joy to sadness and rage. Rod and Karen, you are both icons.

  9. katrese206

    When I saw that this episode was over 2 hours long, I knew Rod went in on somebody… & I jumped for joy I really miss the longer episodes, but I know you guys need time to yourselves.

    On a more serious note… I’ve been avoiding the Trayvon Martin documentary. It’s in my que, but I’ve been avoiding the emotions of seeing his face again, & remembering that time.

    Trayvon’s death changed my outlook in so many ways… his, of all the deaths, affected me most. 1. Because of the circumstances & who he appeared to be, & 2. Because it’s the first time that I can remember the media flaunting such graphic photos of death. I’ve never forgiven the media for this.

    Since then, we’ve been obsessed with death porn. Unfortunately for Black People, this is merely an obligation… to understand what really happened, or to feel connected/united with the fallen & their families. But, Trayvon taught me that I’d never accept or be ready for that type of exploitation & trauma. So, outside of Sandra Bland (PVAMU is my alma mateur), I’ve not watched those videos since.

    I didn’t even know Trayvon, but I truly feel like a piece of my heart died with him.

    Like Rod said, I think I discovered the podcast, not long after Trayvon’s death… because after all the other tragedies, I needed to hear someone that understood my frustration & pain.

    Apologies for the long post. Thanks for all that you both do.

    • GWG

      Katrese206, you described my feelings exactly.

  10. D Ramsey PhDone

    ***** Stars
    Rod went from 0-1000 in support of the AntHill. Karen too, especially when talking about child support.
    Favorite parts of the episode are too many, but I just love the love shown to Missy Elliott. I forgot about her and J.Cole collaborated on “Nobody’s Perfect!”

  11. Mizzanderson

    DL and his wife are on the second season of Black Love on OWN and you can tell he has issues with woman, and he speaks about his up bringing contributing to it. The funny thing is that his wife doesn’t come across as the type of woman that goes for the BS. Hopefully it is something he is working on because I do love when he go off on the whites.

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