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1806: Who Is Ya’ll?

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Rod and Karen are joined by Bassey Ikpi to discuss navigating social media, apologize, Offset is upset, Ty Dolla Sign in legal trouble, Nicki Minaj kicking it with a sex offender, school lunch debt collection, live-streaming for rent money, Viggo Mortensen, Nazi’s mad at Prince Harry, blackfish, white people news and sword ratchetness.

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  1. SymSymma

    Hey Rod & Karen,
    Karen’s reaction to the “niggerfish” story made me laugh so loud! Thank you for making me cackle for a really frustrating story. Bassey and Karen were so right about the celebration for white adjacent in the natural hair movement. I specifically search 4c to see videos and images like me.

  2. Trey_Swindu744

    Hey Rod and Karen

    So glad you had Bassey on the main TBGWT show , she is always an awesome and informative guest. I can’t thank her enough for sharing her own mental health journey on This Too Much often- hearing another POC talk about their mental health helps in so many good ways ,thank you Bassey and Rod and Karen! Also can’t wait to read her book!


    Also yeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaw ,you guys are not alone ,a ton of black folks loved dukes of hazzard growing up ! But I understand now why my folks would never buy me that toy car…hahahahaha!

  3. Karris

    New listener here so I’m still learning, but wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed this episode.

    On Lantinx, I am a latina and I haven’t fully embraced using the term. Latino to me is sometimes like saying, “hey guys” to a group of people regardless of how they identify. But really it hasn’t caught on with me because we already have a term to address our people regardless of gender identity…latin.
    Latin music, Latin Grammys, etc.

    I’m not saying it won’t catch on with me, I’ll call people latinx if they prefer. I prefer latina and latino is fine with me as a group. I don’t feel excluded as a woman by a latino reference. Maybe I need better education, but from scholars because literally my whole family would roll their eyes at latinx.

  4. brooklynshoebabe

    Bassey was a wonderful guest. Please come on again Bassey. And, I will join your problematic Black Kids that Loved Dukes of Hazzard club. We’d have fights in school about which car was faster–the General Lee or KITT. Man, I remember when I made the connections of the Confederate Flag and General Lee and the Civil War, it was like a punch to the chest. I felt like a race traitor. lol. I also had a huge crush on Bo Duke (the blonde one) a.k.a John Schneider. In all seriousness, when your eyes become open, it can be really depressing. It’s like your innocent childhood has been horribly tainted.

  5. rodimusprime

    Hey Queen Karen and Rob,

    I’m not sure I should use my real name for this so feel free to make one up lol.

    Just listened to episode 1806 and your childhood love of Dukes of hazard had me snickering at my desk. It brought back a memory, I too have a confederate picture somewhere in the universe lol. When I was still young enough to be in day care, we were cleaning out a storage closet when I came across what my aunty would call a dew rag. It was red and blue and had stars all over, I instantly asked if I could have it. I remember 2 Of the teachers were black. They kinda froze. I remember one of them saying “You dont want that” and not understanding I quickly replied “Yes I do. Can I please have it I can the my hair up with it at night?” I guess no one felt like putting up a fight so they said fine and continued cleaning the closet. I went on a summer camping trip and wore it enough times that somewhere out there is a picture of me wearing an unfolded Confederate flag on my head smh. There’s no mistaking what it was AT ALL.

    Cut to sometime in the sixth grade. At that time I was really self conscious about my hair. It was broken and short and over permed and greased and generally a mess. I was teased mercilessly by teachers and students alike throughout elementary school and middle schoolers were 10x worse. One day I’m pulling out old clothes and got the idea to try and be cute and repurpose some scarves. I came across my red and blue dew rag with white stars on it. I folded it into a headband, combed my hair into a swoop and thought I was really doing something cause the colors played off my new shoes and seemed to fit the “yay American” fad that took over my middle school after 9/11.

    When I got to school I remember feeling more put together than usual. I was feeling myself all the way till after school when I went re-fold my repurposed headband and a boy came up to me and said “What are you wearing!?!” He was visibly upset. At first I thought he was going to roast me so I scrambled to put it back on fearing I had messed up my hair. He snatched it from me and said “Why are you wearing a Confederate flag? You’re black!” Usually somthing like this would be said to me cause I knew every Lincoln Park single word for word but he seemed so mad and I was so lost.

    I feel like my education in this regaurd was disjointed. My school was diverse but heavy on white and Latinx kids. In school we would get lessons on slavery, Jim Crow, Martin Luther King in February then have to talk about random battles and war heros in the civil war the rest of the semester. It never felt like it was all the same subject and didn’t hold much meaning to me then. That was the day this super pro black kid in school (who’s now my weed connect) taugut me about the Confederacy and that flag and it all clicked. The random stares, the looks on my day care teachers faces. everything. The light bulb came on and I couldn’t throw that thing away fast enough. There I was a whole ass preteen with no clue, thank God this was before the internet.

    Sorry this was kinda long, thanks for the memory. Love you two and can’t wait till you’re back on the west coast.

    Happy holidays,
    (Whatever name y’all made up)

  6. D Ramsey PhDone

    Loved having Bassey on the show. She should do a drive by at least once or twice a month.
    The Dukes of Hazzard flashback was everything. I am at my desk now on You Tube watching the WWE’s Top 5 Best Returns for Stone Cold Steve Austin! #Rednecks

  7. Joe

    Great episode – y’all won with this one. Bassey is great – hope she appears again, really soon.

    This was a very good conversation that you all had about Kevin Hart and Kyler Murray, and their respective actions regarding the Ghost of Tweets Past. The internet is like the telephone, before they came up with innovations (private numbers, answering machines, *69, Caller ID). I understand about the “free speech” argument, but the answer is somewhere between technology innovation and regulation (whether government or private companies). I don’t like people playing on my phone, and I don’t need to deal with outlandish people that I don’t know.

    Which is worse: Kevin Hart trying to act tough, before ultimately apologizing anyway, or the myriad of brothers working hard to keep the Kev account? I saw today where Charlemagne clocked in for duty, even after seeing the fails of Cannon, Cedric, and DL – Kev must give out great benefits! Meanwhile, all he had to do was be an adult about the situation, and explain himself.

    But nope – Kev thought that he had reached the A-list mountaintop and could “big time” people now. Welp – tough shit, Kev – there’s always the Soul Train awards, I guess. Joking, but Kev needed that lesson on just how expendable he still can be. I hate that they got to Kyler Murray though – that is really f-d up. That said, someone should have gotten to him before now, to delete those messages.

    Last point: I think every black person of a certain age can speak to having watched Dukes of Hazzard when we were kids. I don’t know if any actual grown people watched that show, because it is AWFUL to attempt to watch now. I figured out the problem, not from the flag on the car, but from the damn song that the horn played (I believe it was “Dixie”).

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