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1901: Dracarys

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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. CC

    Hi lovelies.
    Just here for the poll but dammit, you know I gotta vote for Cici’s Pizza. No way around it. Even if their Pizza is just the third best when comparing how good the fake photos of the pizza looks in the ads.
    Take care now lovelies, hope the rest is going well

    Love CC

  2. Iman

    Hi Rod and Karen,

    It’s so weird living in AL, it’s like every time we get a progressive law passed they pass something that undermines it. For instance three years ago they passed a law that makes home births legal again assisted by a state licensed midwife. But last November we had to vote on a birth choice law that basically gives your doctor the right to sue you if they think you’re being a danger to your unborn child. So if you told your doctor you were planning a home birth or vaginal birth after they suggested a cesarean, they could sue you and possibly force you with a court order (which happened in other states with this law). I had to talk to a lot of my friends because they didn’t understand the language of it. They would apologize for asking, but I told them as a doula and birth advocate I’d rather them ask then vote “yes” on something that takes women’s choices away. But of course it passed. It’s hard not to feel defeated when you and other organizations seem like such small voices in the sea of craziness. Churches were helping promote the birth bill saying it protects babies. It still makes me sad when I think about it. Republicans always acting like they care about freedom so much, but only if you’re a white male and constantly trick people into helping them pass oppressive laws. (Heavy sigh)

    So as a book reader, I guess I’m in the 1%. Because yes I love the books, but I do like the show. Most of the episodes for this season were good – great to me. I’m not angry, just have my criticisms for episode 5. For me, a lot of people keep bringing up the things she did and prophecy she saw. But no one was calling her crazy. But now she’s crazy for burning Kings Landing? Unlike some people, I’m not upset she did it, I’m questioning calling her crazy for it.

  3. Troubadour_D

    Hey Rod and Karen,

    in regards to your comment about why people are so attached to Game of Thrones, or large media franchises beyond a casual/commercial fan (Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc) is a concept called a parasocial interaction or a parasocial relationships.

    I am not an authority on this topic, but there is a well executed youtube primer (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3vD_CAYt4g) that explains the concept. I understand that time is a commodity, so unless this concept interest you I don’t think you would need to watch more than two minutes of the video to see the message it is trying to deliver.

    If this interest/strikes your curiosity the youtube link is a part of a larger 90 minute film on youtube by the same creator.

    Parasocial relationships can also be applied to books, youtube celebrities, instragram influencers or podcasters.

    Just my 2 cents

    Love the show,

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