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1911: Silence Is The Best Revenge

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Rod and Karen discuss a random thought, DR deaths, FBI agent avoids jail, My-Side bias, silence as revenge, Juvia’s Place, Kyle Kashuv, That’s Ya’ll Man, White People News and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Evie E

    There’s a little more to the Kyle Kashav story that the media missed or decided not to report on, which I actually think is worst than his repeated use of the word nigger. In the text that got his letter rescinded from Harvard, he and his friends talk about making a map of the school, to kill all the jews. Mind you this is the same school that got shot up a year or so later.

    I think the media really missed the lead on that one. Literally planning or joking about school shootings as if that shit was funny. Fuck him and his apology because it didn’t mean a thing. He only addressed one part of the texts, but if he was truly sorry about it, he would have addressed all the problematic portions of those texts. I can’t blame Harvard a bit for not taking him back after that faux apology. That kid is trash. His daddy is trash. His momma is trash. His president is trash. I hope he gets herpes.

  2. Harvard Said Nah

    Look, everything on the application he sent in was in the last 4 years. 2 years is definitely in the period under review for entry into college, and shed additional light on his character. And considering the timing of applications, it could have just been 1 year before submission.

    These folks act like his 4th professional job went back and found his childhood follies instead of a college that admits based on childhood behavior deciding that this behavior was unacceptable.

    And he only applied to Harvard? Who does that?

  3. LM

    Relatively new listener (maybe about 20 episodes so far). Love the show and how fair and critical you both are when approaching subjects. Karen, I would love to hear you fangirl over some men like Rod does over women. The actresses that are fine and can’t act, big butts in wrangler jeans…Karen, we need you to level out the playing field for the lady listeners .


    I related to your stories of how each of you came into your selves. I didn’t take stock into my self-worth until I moved into my apartment in 2016, which was a terrible year for me. Work was exhausting & so was dealing with my mom, who was very needy of my money, which sparked my anxiety & depression. She also admitted to being a Trump supporter, to which, I cut her off completely. You can’t save everybody, even the people you love.

    2017 was the year, where I made some changes in my life to better myself, not just for the people around me but for me. I’ve also taken stock into the impact that I’ve made with other people. I’m working towards being my best self & not the person that we see on commercials. 31 years old, black, autistic, driven, smart & motivated. This might’ve happened later in my life, if I were y’alls ages, but a shit ton of events has sparked to love & appreciate myself. I’ve also gotten to the point, where I stopped trying to please everyone, because we’ll run ourselves crazy trying to be exceptional to everyone. I don’t even miss the person that I was 3 years ago, cuz I was psychologically drained, demoralized even. I don’t ever want to feel that way again & I don’t know how I managed to stay sane through it all, really. My purpose in life is to a better person than I was yesterday. And that’s not on some “baby, please” shit, like a dudes do, when they caught cheating on their girlfriends,

    I’m working towards it & if people have to get cut off, because I don’t want to do some that I don’t feel like doing, due to being uncomfortable, then that’s the chance that I’ll take. I need peace in my life to function. Without peace, we’re nothing but emotionless beings living lives for other people & I can’t have that. I really appreciate that commentary from the both of y’all, cuz I absolutely can relate to this at this very moment & time. It really tugged at my heart strings & I loved that about that segment, so thank you, guys.

  5. Law

    Yo Rod! Yo Karen! Wassup?

    The police reaction to the Barbie Doll situation is upsetting, but that’s just more of the same pattern we’ve always known.

    White Barbie gets kidnapped and law enforcement loses their damned mind. Let that have been Black Barbie or Dora the Explorer. They’d be shrugging their shoulders so much, you’d think they’re bringing back early 2000’s dances.

    On a serious note though, fuck police culture. If we’re looking for a prime example of a toxic culture, look no further. Good cops fall victim to the culture, and find that “Blue Lives Matter” don’t extend to them. The NYPD 12 can testify to that.

    Racism can be hilarious when lives aren’t at stake. Unfortunately, lives are always at stake.

  6. Ejiro

    Everyone brought up good points about the larger situation. Additionally, Jackie is also of Nigerian descent so this isn’t a diaspora wars situation.

  7. Anonymous

    Hello! Just wanted to give some more context to the Juvia’s Place fiasco. When Jackie Anina mentioned the sarcasm, she was referring to a now deleted post BEFORE that apology. The owner titled an Instagram caption saying “please save us from this traumatic situation” after the Jeffree Star repost. Another commenter mentioned the reason why people were upset and the owner replied with “ok. sorry.”. Before that, the owner wrote a tweet to Jackie saying “If it gives you joy to take us down than so be it” (that tweet is still up). The owner has definitely been sarcastic before the PR apology.

    This single instance wasn’t the cause of withdrawing support, it’s just the straw that broke the camel’s back after a series of events over time, just like with Shea Moisture. Watching both of those situations, it’s really telling how people who don’t engage with products Black women use are so critical of how the masses of Black women respond when things go left. I’m glad that you expressed that the company failed at knowing their fanbase because the common retort to Black women’s outrage is always “yall just wanna tear black people down!”. No. Black women are highly perceptive when we’re being used because sadly, we’re accustom to being mules for everyone, even to other black people in so many situations. I just wanted to give that extra context incase anyone was listening and thank you both for not being dismissive . The outrage was justified.

    • Vertigostark

      Was coming here to comment on just this! Jackie Aina (pronounced i-na) and other black makeup YouTubers really push this brand in the company’s beginning but once white artist started taking notice the owner disowned their fanbase. NOW that they are dropping foundations they need the black artists to try their makeup on their YouTube channels. Jackie and others called the owner out on it and now she drop this BS statement. It’s much more to the story but I’m already fucked with. DRACARYS

      • Janica

        The owner ChiChi is still being trash. Alissa Ashley (another beauty YouTuber) said the owner threatened legal action for calling them out for the bullshit– blocking influencers and favoring the white ones. There would be black influencers using them all the time with no acknowledgement but then the company would GUSH if a white person mentioned them. You hate to see it.

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