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1937: Forgiveness

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Rod and Karen discuss Toni Morrison passing, reading, Katy Perry music ruling, Japanese park let’s kids play with saws, Domino’s doesn’t want to make their site ADA compliant, ASAP Rocky won’t return to Sweden, California passing sex worker safety law, creepy note left on woman’s car, Tomi Lahren apologizes, holding grudges, man dies after bumping into door, woman tries to frame husband for child porn, man urinates in ice maker and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Trey_Swindu744

    That was a WORD you two blessed us with when you guys were talking about forgiveness. It amazes me how people will stress themselves out holding onto grudges instead of just forgiving that person and moving the hell on . You’re life could be cut too short just by holding onto that grudge . Man forgive -so in turn you can live your life to the fullest!

    Thanks Rod and Karen


  2. Michelle

    There are already people who buy copyrights to old songs and use software to scan new songs for similarities so they can sue for copyright infringement.

    • Another listener

      I was going to mention the same thing! And a lot of the people who got caught up in that were small indie musicians. So this issue just doesn’t affect rich people, it can mess with the career of someone starting out in their little apartment.

  3. Phil G

    Just wanted to say that we all get into reading at different times in life. I never read for fun until I was 21 and a friend of mine introduced me to the Tucker Max series of books, (sorry they are very problimatic books) then I got into reading Video game books like the Halo and Gears of War series because I love the worlds that they are in. I moved to reading Manga around the age of 26. I have since moved to the more real books from Coates, Obama, Haddish to name a few. and I read the Game of Thrones series as well. Reading is a relaxing and it is never too late to learn any ones work. We all get in where we fit in.

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