If you’re a fan of this blog then you know my writing style. I don’t really like being tied down to a long essay format. I prefer bullet points but sometimes I see something so disturbing that I can only accurately sum up my thoughts in long form. In this case the event that leads to this post you’re reading was the internet leak of the Drake album “Thank Me Later”.
I am a huge proponent of waiting a few times through in order to thoroughly judge an album. I even wrote a post about how the internet has changed our ability to absorb and process music thoughtfully because there is too much of it available. In an effort not to spoil the album for myself I haven’t heard any leaked Drake tracks individually. That way I can judge the album as a complete construct and not each track on its individual merit. Why did I even waste the time?
Keep in mind; I loved Drake’s “So Far Gone” mix tape. The mix of rap vs. r & b was well done. The word play was fresh and well delivered. But “Thank Me Later” is a completely different story. This is easily the worst debut since Darko was playing for the Pistons. Maybe it’s the anticipation and all of the hype he’s been promoting for this album but I haven’t been this disappointed about an album since Jay-Z was propping up Memphis Bleek’s career.
This isn’t an album for men. This is an album for your 13 year old female cousin or dudes who wear skinny jeans. “Thank Me Later” is what Wale listens to and thinks, “My album could’ve been worse”. In hindsight I should’ve known. He’s been dropping hints in his lyrics since day one. I feel like those people who voted for Obama just because he’s black only to realize later that he did indeed say he was for the war in Afghanistan.
On every track with a guest artist Drake is out shined. And 95% of the tracks without a guest are straight R & B songs. I used to skip the R & B songs on his mix tape most of the time but that would mean I’d be skipping half of this album. That is unacceptable in my opinion. Clearly this album isn’t for me. I’m surprised that I’m having such a visceral reaction to this album because that’s typically not my personality. I’m not one who is influenced by “group think” but I’m also not going to sit up here and lie to you just to play the role of the contrarian.
This shit is wack to me. I can see how some people will like it a lot but those people probably also have been to a Hannah Montana concert multiple times. The reason I think I liked Drake in the first place was because when he rapped over other people’s hip hop beats he sounded dope. The beats on this album are mostly r & b. Even the ones he chooses to rap on seem more fitting for Jagged Edge than for an MC.
If you really like this album then more power to you but in order for me to support this I’d either be delusional or just trying to be contrary. I refuse to do either. As of today I’m going to do an “audit” on my iPhone and delete all of Drake’s R & B silliness off my memory and just keep his rap tracks. Maybe he’ll come out with another mix tape soon and I can listen to that instead. Geez…
It honestly feels like he got with a consulting firm that told him what his album should be like. Maybe they had too many “tweens” in the focus groups or something.” Thank Me Later” is the perfect amalgamation of non-offensive stereotypes for a celebrity. He’s like Obama without the integrity. I’m sure it will sell well but this isn’t an album for me. Sorry.
I take most of the blame for this one. My expectations were too high. I thought Drake was a rapper but he’s really an R & B singer who knows how to rap. I guess I just got lost in the hype because I always skipped the slow songs on his mix-tapes. This guy just isn’t for me. Enjoy him ladies…
Lowlights Of The Album:
Bun B, appearing for all of one sentence on “Miss Me”
Every guest artist doing better on the song than Drake. EVERY ONE OF THEM
Getting half way through the album to realize you haven’t really heard any “rapping” yet.
The lack of serious beats. Is it possible for a beat to be auto-tuned? This isn’t a joke. Someone answer this question.
His complaints about being “famous” getting old on top of being HIGHLY ironic.
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