The lightskinned dude is the manager.
10.   Do you think slaves had performance reviews? I know in my office when we have our yearly performance appraisals I always feel stressed out. Imagine if your life was on the line. I mean what is a slave master if not the ultimate micro-manager?
Has there ever been a more celebrated loss since the movie “300”?
11.   If Confederate History Month has nothing to do with race when why don’t you ever see black people participate in Civil War Reenactments?

Take the phone off “speaker” please…

12.   Hey construction guy with the walkie talkie cell phone thing, I really don’t need to hear both sides of your conversation about how to use the “Red Box” machine at the grocery story. How about you put that thing on “normal phone” use and put it to your ear so I can eat my food in peace?
SideNote: Never Google “construction guy” with the search filter off.
13.   I went to use the bathroom at work and someone left a turd in the bowl. If leaving a turd in the back part of the toilet is an “upper decker” then would a turn in the bowl be a lower decker? Or would that be a turd on the floor? These are the things that I think about constantly.
Obviously this is the “before” pic.
14.   If Big Ben Roethlisberger isn’t a rapist then at the very least he’s really horrible at casual sexual encounters. His entire defense is that he likes to have really sketchy consensual sex.Or he’s really bad at rape. Six or one a half dozen of the other…
Oh please do shut the eff up…
15.   Why does the chipperness of Chik-Fila employees piss me off? I just want to go to the drive through ad tell them that they are all paid minimum wage and should quit. It’s like their optimism makes all the other fast food chains look worse.
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