1. On the podcast we talked about “Eye balling” a technique where college students in take alcohol through pouring it into their eye sockets. Supposedly you get drunk faster even though they normally don’t do this until they are already hammered. What’s next? Liqour IV’s?

2. There is no better determination between the separation of racial culture than listening to two white dudes discuss how awesome “Jackass: The Movie” was to them. Sometimes I feel like I’ll never figure ya’ll out.

3. I guess John Travolta’s dogs finally reached their final destination.

4. I order this pizza from Brixx Brick Over Pizzaria up the street. It’s have American Style and have Mexican. I call it the NAFTA Pizza

5. How is crippling depression not an insult to people who are actually legitimately handicapped? I’m so sad that it’s like being like you, with your inability to walk or missing limbs or what not. It makes no sense. You never hear someone say I have “retarded sadness” or I was in a “handicapped amount of pain”.

6. Since BP is taking everyone’s suggestions about how to clean up the oil spill I’d like to add my own. My idea comes from the era of the Jheri Curl. How did your grandmother keep all that Jherri Curl juice off the couch? It’s easy just encase the ocean in plastic!

7. I want to become a relationship advice columnist that only gives out advice for abusive relationships. My advice would always be short and say stuff like, “Put some ice on it” or “Don’t go outside for a couple days and call in sick to work.”

8. Instead of prescription drugs people should be getting subscription drugs. They would come in the mail monthly. You just sign up for it like a magazine and send in a check. Then you can just renew annually if you dislike the drugs. Why wouldn’t this work?

9. Murphy Lee had a point. What will the chorus consist of?

10. You know how some animals in nature are more brightly colored than others? It normally means they are dangerous or poisonous? Well that’s how I feel about clothing or care accessories with Dixie flags on them. It’s like humanity’s way of identifying are most volatile members.

11. I was on The Insanity Check Podcast a couple of days ago and we decided that companies should be able to put “KKK” or confederate flags on the outside of their business to let you know that black people aren’t welcomed. I agreed at the time but then I had a nightmare. What if some of the places I love to go are secretly racist? What if Bojangles chicken put a confederate flag outside their establishment? I’d have to burn the city down!

12. Why does it seem like soldiers in the old days knew how to write a letter better than current soldiers? “Dears Celeste to gaze upon your countenance once again would be divine.”

13. Rick Ross is like Lance Armstrong. I believe everything he has to say until he stops talking. WTF man…?

14. Who came up with the term “laugh riot”? What exactly is that? Has anything ever been so funny that it turned an audience into a violent mob of lunatics? Maybe black people didn’t find the Rodney King footage outrageous but instead found it so hilarious that they decided to burn down all the Korean owned stores in Compton.

15. Why aren’t there any “player lovers”? Or are player lovers just considered groupies?

16. Is the term “co-ed” sexist? We only use it to refer to women.

17. So Mel Gibson acts a fool and uses racial slurs but this time it’s directed at black people. But can you really say that he will lose any fans this time around? I mean if you stuck with him after he slighted the Jews then aren’t you kind of with him for life? Is the N-word really going to put you over the top? Who is this group of people who are racist against Jews but shocked by racism against blacks? Other than the Nation of Islam I can’t think of one group who has this agenda. And he beats his baby momma. Stop me when I’ve said something that surprises you in the least. What is the difference between Mel Gibson and any other racist redneck other than he directed Apocolypto?

18. Also, isn’t the worst thing you can do to Mel Gibson is become his biggest black fan? He would hate that.

19. I bet there will be a ton of diseases from the cleanup of the oil spill. Just like those workers who got the “cough” at Ground Zero from inhaling noxious fumes. It can’t be good to work on the cleanup crew for this oil spill right?

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