1. Terrance Howard got let go from Iron Man 2? I guess it really is hard out there for a pimp.

2. How can a prison be over crowded? It’s prison! I picture all prisons being like the Amistad. People’s hands and faces pressed against the bars because there is no room inside. Not saying that it’s right but that’s the image in my head that keeps me from going to prison. Well that and coerced sodomy.

3. I don’t ask couples how they met. I ask how did ya’ll stay together? I’m deep.

4. Amazing how every media personality was pissed about Tiger’s press conference but they still managed to cover it.

5. People ask me when we’re going to have a kid. I don’t know but I already kind of have a kid. It’s my wife. She watches cartoons all day and goes to bed early and I kind of have to fuss at her to get her to clean up. Isn’t that enough?

6. At this point there have been so many lame “American Pie” straight to DVD rip-offs why can’t they just release a soft core DVD of all their nudity in these horrible movies?

7. Am I the only one who has a problem with the girl from Precious also being nominated for her role as the Michael Orr in “The Blind Side”?

8. Al Gore invented the internet because he was banned from the adult video store. True story.

9. If a fantasy football team owner dies, how long do you have to wait before approaching the league for his old spot?

10. I wonder how awkward it was for white people who were big fans of Public Enemy? Some of those songs were pretty bitter.

11. I told a story on The Black Guy Who Tips Podcast where I tried to protect people’s anonymity. One of my Facebook friends hits me up and adds the name of the guy who the story was about to his wall post on my page. WTF man? And if you’re reading this blog post: Yes that was about you Jason. lol

12. I want to start my own line of nerd apparel with t-shirts that have slogans like, “Having Lunch Money is overrated.”

13. If I’m 50 Cent I call up Tiger Woods right now and sign him to Vitamin Water.

14. If you think about it Monsters Inc was about two gay dudes adopting an Asian baby. This movie was visionary.

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