Darryl “Chocolate Thunder” Dawkins – he used to name his dunks. I would explain further but you would be better served by going to YouTube and listening to him give the names of his dunks. He also pioneered the ultimate ignorant basketball move: Dunking so hard that you break the basket and hold the game up for hours.
Jason “White Chocolate” Williams – He was the epitome of style over substance. He was like a Pistol Pete gone wild. He lead the league in “most no look passes bouncing off a team mates head and out of bounds” for 3 straight years. He went to the same high school as Randy Moss too. Jason Williams just looks like the kind of guy that would rather make a flashy turn over than a simple pass no matter the situation of the game.
World B. Free – I’m gonna be real honest with you right now. I don’t know shit about World B. Free. Not even what his original name was. If he showed up to my house with a pizza I would think he was a delivery driver. The only thing I know is that this dude’s name was World B. Free and that’s black enough for me. He must’ve been like the Chad Johnson of the NBA.
Honorable mention to Zach Randolph, Bobby Sura and Melo
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