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The Blackest NBA Players Of All Time (At Least As I Remember It) Part 6

Rafer “Skip To My Lou” Alston – This dude has one of the blackest stories of anyone who made it to the league. He played college basketball for Fresno State but no one knows this. What we know about Skip is that he was a Rutger Park basketball legend. He also was the star of the And 1 basketball mixtape series when it initially started up. Everyone knew about Skip even before he finally landed a job in the NBA. People speculated about his ability to run and NBA offense. They thought he’d try those same illegal park moves in a regulation game but Skip never did. One moment stands above all others, the day he bitch slapped Eddie House and made House’s headband come off his head. That was Skip at his blackest!

Robert Parrish – I never really liked Robert Parrish. He played for the Celtics during a time where I felt like they represented everything racist about the NBA. Now that I’m grown I realize that’s not his fault. He definitely stuck out like a gangly sore thumb at the time. I guess the blackest thing about him is that he got caught trying to receive some marijuana in the mail. How he didn’t end up in prison I’ll never know. I’m guessing it’s cause he was owed for dealing with all those years of racism in Boston?

Micheal Cooper – Look at him! Just look at him! He black ya’ll… black as hell.

Micheal Cage – Everyone always talks about AC Green’s luxurious Jherri Curl but real NBA heads will tell you that Cage had the definitive curl of the day. Where did the sweat start and the activator juice begin? No one will ever be able to tell. He looked like a he should be singing back up for Billy Ocean.

J.R. Smith – Okay he’s definitely one of the most tatted up players in the game. He has a penchant for playing stupid as hell when it comes to his shot selection. But he also was known for throwing up gang signs after making threes. I think at this point we simply can’t deny his blackness.

Etan Thomas – finally some positive blackness again. He is the definition of not judging a book by it’s cover. If you see him on the court he appears to be a goon who specializes in bullying the competition. Off the court he’s a thoughtful philosopher on black culture. He’s a poet and a journalist with a mind for his people. He black ya’ll.

J.R. Rider – this dude went through more than a few run ins with the law. I was at a Hornets game one day when he was playing for the Hawks. He was so upset with his playing time and the way they lost that he sat down on the sideline and NEVER made the flight back to Atlanta. He was dismissed from the team the next day. He was known for being chronically late for reasons like his alarm clock not going off. When he was cut from the Nuggets he threatened to kick a reporters ass right on the steps of the arena as he was leaving to go back home. Black Dynamite.

Gilbert Arenas – Gilbert is an odd cat. Very ecentric and outspoken for a guy who also pulls guns on people in the locker room. He’s known as a chronic joke-ster.  He once shit in a teammates shoe as a joke. That’s not very black at all. I mean where do they do that at? Before you judge him harshly though, remember that he’s the same guy who read an article about a kid who lost his whole family in a house fire and was so moved that he adopted the boy. He’s an enigma but he’s also black.

Dr. J – he’s a cultural icon of cool personified. Show me a man who dislikes Dr. J and I’ll show you Javelle McGee. Not only did he invent the free throw line slam dunk and had the coolest fro of the 80’s. He also kiss someone’s momma on the lips on national TV. He’s a closer. He’s black.

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  1. Corbin Macklin

    04/27/2011 at 7:41 PM

    This list is very entertaining… I will promptly be going over to Facebook to share this w friends LOL

  2. @djcharliechan

    04/25/2011 at 3:16 PM

    Great list but Vernon Maxwell has got to be added… Besides his on the court crazy he was known in Houston for showing up at street dice games in his Ferrari. Now that's black ya'll!

  3. Sam Mitchell made Rafer cry. It was hilarious…

  4. John Cannady

    04/23/2011 at 11:05 PM

    Oh, I see….ok…I knew I've seen this because I commented on the original post on your old blog. I think I even listed a few dudes for your consideration in the comments….

  5. John Cannady

    04/23/2011 at 10:45 PM

    Nice list…..some of these write ups sound familiar though…..

    • rodimusprime

      04/23/2011 at 10:58 PM

      It's the old post that I moved over from the old blog I had. I added some new ones in the mix though.

  6. I co-sign all of these black NBA players… 5 stars

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