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Should Obama Have Waited To Show His Birth Certificate?
Yes! You always play the big Joker near the end. No! This whole thing needed to stop right now! He shouldn’t even have shown his birth certificate at all!   

Rod and Karen are joined by Will and Justin to discuss Obama, Angry Feminist, Crazy Love In Chili’s, Ninjagenius, Phonte, Amber Rose, the bathroom at work, student drivers, 2nd hand clothes, KFC dentures, Dwight Howard, Flavor Flav closes shop, Lebron James uncle, sex at a Christian radio station, Sword fight in church and short pen!s syndrome.

Intro: Dreams – Little Brother
Outro: 6’6″ 250 – Larry Lank Lank

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  1. He showed it bc there are several bills introduced by REPUBS that suggest if you dont show your birth cert you wont be allowed on the ballot or even allowed to register to vote. So in the next election their essentially trying to prevent OBAMA from being on the ballot because they are challenging the legality of his birth…and challenging the legality of newregistered voters…they can't single him out so they are trying to go after all candidates and new voters. Its BS but anything to diminish his reputation is what REPUBS are trying to do. He had to cut this mess out now becasue he is running on registering new voters to win in 2012 and what 18 year old carrys his/her birth certificate around.

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