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165: Vocabulatious (adj.)

Rod and Karen are joined by Yolie the Jew to discuss Yolie’s comedy, boobs, TV shows, reality TV, political marriages, Bristol Palin, being sick, the end of the world,Vacabulatious, Chris Hansen, Snuglife, Thai women, Tech distractions, Karaoke beef, soda jerk, pony express, babies r us, freemium mix up, light saber rapist, burglar sex, salad for crack and kid at a drug deal.

Intro: Ms. Jackson – Outkast
Outro: Make Room – Tha Alkaholiks

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Will The Rapture Happen 5/21 at 6 PM?
Yes! It’s science! No! It’s ridiculous   
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  1. I love Karen's accent. Heard her say "tote" on one show. Hilarious. Great show, "my brutha"!

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