The Black Guy Who Tips

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15 Random Things To Say

1. I bet the guy who tried to rape Antoine Dodson’s sister is the same guy who shot Biggie and Tupac.

2. Bristol Palin is getting a reality TV show? She really is setting the standard for those “16 & Pregnant” chicks.

3. Porn, liquor and dead bodies are the only things that always come in black bags.

4. What were the odds of Princess Zelda NOT being a black woman? I bet her last name was Jackson or Washington or something.

5. Isn’t the title “Booty Talk” very misleading? There is very little actual talking in these videos. Not that I’m upset or anything.

6. I can’t decide if being serious is underrated or overrated. Either way, I don’t want to be serious unless I absolutely have to be.

7. You haven’t been on the net long enough until someone you’ve never met or seen threatens to harm you.

8. If you don’t have a savings account you shouldn’t be allowed to tell people “get money” as an insult.

9. The world’s most wanted mastermind terrorist and he still left the porn tape in the VCR. Men are all the same.

10. I bet harmonica players used to get all the pussy back in the day. Think about it.

11. Now that Oprah’s retiring can the Illuminati let Dave Chappelle back on the air?

12. Have you ever considered that some black people are in interracial relationships because they would like to catch a taxi? A lot of people don’t know that “CP Time” stands for “Cab Prejudice Time” when black people are running late.

13. I’m going to write a movie called “Xmen: 2nd Class” about all the black mutants during the 60’s.

14. If you don’t have an iPhone then you’re probably not a douche. But then again you don’t have an iPhone and I do… loser.

15. Why do they call the show “Whale Wars”? Are the whales even aware that there are sides?

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  1. NO joke I work with a lady named ZElda and her last name is feature in a lot of DJ Khaled songs.

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