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194: The Southern Fried Podcast

Rod and Karen are joined by Titus and Kevo to discuss writing a book, Superman’s job, rapper’s lying to other rappers, selling out, dressing for work, work segregation, moths, Professor X, trustworthy mechanics, no draws on the plane, lemon return, coke and beer for kids, road rage sword ratchetness, old man strength, horseplay, comic-con weapons check, Craigslist revenge and a gun with no bullets.

Intro: Country Sh#t – Big Krit
Outro: Southernplayalisticadillacmusik – Outkast

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  1. Just listened to the podcast and I wish I worked with ANY black people. I'm always the fucking freckle no matter where doing at work. We had a conference in Oklahoma a couple weeks and out of 120 people I was the ONLY nigga in the room and then we had a golf tournament and out came the Tiger Woods fucking jokes. And why do old white muthafuckas thing all niggas listen to Snoop Dog and speak jive?!!!

  2. There's a documentary named Zoo about a guy who was banged to death by a horse….Man on horse love no bueno

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