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Okay so the response to this blog series on cooking has been fantastic. Many of you have contributed your own work in the kitchen and I want to encourage you to continue to do so. Haven’t received any pictures that I refuse to post because of poor effort. So before we get into tonight’s blog remember that you can always send your pics of your food to [email protected] and I’ll post them on the blog. I tried doing it with Twitter and Facebook but it’s way too hard to keep up with.

So I made some slow baked pork loin ribs and sauteed mixed veggies. The mixed veggies included two things I’ve never cooked before asparagus and graffiti eggplant. I also put some tomatoes and onions in there. It was so good. I was really shocked because the stir fried veggies were a last second addition. One sidenote I’ve noticed with this cooking experiment I’ve undergone is that I eat less. While I was prepping the food and waiting for it to cook for 2 and a half hours I didn’t want to eat anything that would spoil my appetite. And it was low carb too. Compared to what I would’ve eaten I think I did pretty well. Here are the pics.

The Before Pic

The Before Pic

My favorite angle

Now for some reader / podcast listener submitted pics.

Submitted by @ThisIsW

Baked Blackened Tilapia, Mixed Vegetables, and Sweet Potato with brown sugar.

Eggs and Bacon submitted by @Phenomblak

This is how most black people prefer their bacon.
Submitted by @Delphrano

It’s a west indian dish and the way he serves it, is either over white rice or on the side of rice & peas.

Submitted by @RealAnge

Mmm baked apple pies! They look delish!

Handmade pizza by @chrislamberth

All by hand? Go Chris! And he assured me it was delicious.

Alright that’s everyone for this round. See you guys next time I cook and take some pics.

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  1. @mrteebeeess

    08/14/2011 at 11:37 AM

    All of this food looks great. I can't eat that "poke" though. It makes my pressure go up. lol

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