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Day: February 24, 2012

The Black Guy Who Tips Podcast Feedback Show at 10 AM EST (Music at 945 AM)

Come join us for a feedback show dedicated entirely to YOU! That’s right this is the show for the fans who take the time out to sponsor, email, call and leave 5 star reviews for The Black Guy Who Tips Podcast. We hope to see you in the chatroom. Make sure to tell someone to come with you!

Guest Spots For Last Week

Rod was on the SeperateChoeFeelings Podcast with @Abeispimp to discuss hospital game, Nerds need woman, GOP cult , Gay republicans , Maureen Walsh and pinky’s HIV status. with @thegreghurd,@benwattsmusic , @rodimusprime

Rod was also on The Insanity Check Podcast with Kriss discussing Roland Martin and homophobia among MANY other topics. Search “Insanity Check” on iTunes or listen by clicking on this sentence.

And of course Rod had to stop by The Evening Jones and kick it with Bo.

276: Return of the #RatchetballWives

Rod and Karen are joined by Justin to discuss the laptop shooting dad, Lent, trolling Christians, n-word activist, porn influence, disabled bully, Basketball Wives returns, Stephen A. Smith shuffle, discount boob job, animal sounds, bus driver gets the point, man to man, Craig’s list revenge, Pitt Bull acts up, couch surfing death and sword ratchetness.

Intro: All My Love – Tiron and Ayomari
Outro: Lights Turned On – Childish Gambino

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