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321: House Centipedes Vs. Field Centipedes

Rod and Karen discuss video games going digital, stealing muffins, bug sympathizers, VIP card pick up line, Good Times, Canibus, Bomb joke, olive oil sex, squid sperm, Cosmo fight, Buffy episode, sissy fight at the club, it’s a ball world after all, white privilege girls, afro-gay, cheating actor, stand your ground law and black team.

Intro: Celeste – Devon Elizabeth
Outro: The Light – Common

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  1. sup Raren. or Kod.whichever yall prefer. on games going digital:i am all for it!y?cuz im lazy. id rather download sum new shit than hafta go out to the store n buy it. maybe thats jus me but my suspicions r its not.n as far as bein "stuck" wit a bad game: do people not do ANY research b4 spending 60 bucks???i think u'd b hardpressed to find a bad game getting nothing but positive reviews all over the net. there is always at least a couple people that aint like it. n if its just not ur typea game research will help u determine that. now to dem girls, not the show tho i swear this could b a storyline.the girls that stole the girlscout money. awww i LOVE white girls! she said "its just money, wutever".LMAO!! the ignorance and obliviousness to reality theyre able to have is hilarious to me! like if reincarnation is real i wanna come back as a spoiled white bitch that doesnt care about money.but i wanna remember this life so i can take full advantage!#epicallyawesome

  2. Giovanni Alonso

    06/15/2012 at 7:56 AM

    God I'm sorry for a second comment. This won't be so long. I don't like digital games mainly because of the fact that if I don't like the game I'm stuck with it. Remember that game you didn't like Deus Ex Rod? Well imagine getting that digital, and now you can't resell it to someone who would like it, or you can't get your money back. Basically you've been ripped off. That's what worries me about going full digital, because there's no guarantee that you're getting a game you're going to enjoy. Also for the DLC, companies that sell DLC are selling stuff already in the disk. Example, Capcom x Tekken had 12 characters inside the disk already but you can't unlock them, nor play as them. You have to pay extra to get what is already in the disk. Now that's bad business right there.

    That's it I'm done, sorry again.

  3. Giovanni Alonso

    06/15/2012 at 7:50 AM

    I'm not done listening but already I have to write something. This is about the gaming industry conversation. I for one hate what the gaming companies are trying to do where they want to destroy the used market system. Used games is not a new concept. There are other places where people purchase used games. They purchase them off of Ebay, Flea-markets, and Pawnshops. The gaming industry needs to figure out a way to make a good game so they can get as much possible off of their initial release.

    Companies like Gamestop normally will not sell used games at a lower price when the game is still new. Go into Gamestop and you will see used games of new games still being sold for 60 dollars. So on top of the 60 dollars you will have to pay the extra for the online possibilities which for me stinks. The way these businesses are going about it is just horribly wrong and kind of justifies pirating. Do you think the companies are losing money off of the initial sells of Call of Duty games? or the Assassin Creed Games? Or hell even the NFL Games? I doubt it. Look at the numbers and you will see how much they make. It's incredible. It feels like all they want to do is nickel and dime the customers they do have.

    The world is filled with the concept of reselling something. Used car salesmen resell cars, pawnshops resell anything they get their hands on and you know what the initial makes do not get any money out of the deal. Hell, libraries give books for free so people can read them for periods at a time. Might as well close them down because the publications don't get any money out of that right?

    If you alienate, and discourage the customers you do have they tend to become thieves themselves.

  4. Great Episode. I do have a question and your like to hear your opinion on this. Do you think that if/when video games makers decided to go digital will the quality of the games be more scrutinized by the consumer?

  5. The girls who stole from the girl scouts – that video was from 2008. Since then, one of them–Stephanie Woods–has been back in trouble 2 or 3 times:

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