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339: The Man Aisle

Rod and Karen are joined by J from the Up 4 Discussion podcast to discuss positivity in podcasting, Chuck E. Cheese, Reply All Emails, funny last tweets, driving drunk, a father’s rights, Kristen and Rob break up, Havoc was lying, Dane Cook controversy, black wedding banned, Rhonda the prostitute, lottery theft, the man aisle, sword ratchetness, sexual hazing, another kid eater, leaving kids in the strip club parking lot and sword guess the race.

Intro: Beverly Hills Cop – Foley’s Theme
Outro: Family – Chance The Rapper

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  1. Man I never understood the sexual hazing or hazing in general. Yall can keep that homo-erotic stuff to yourselves

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  2. Great show. We see what Karen's passion is….making sure kids know how to properly inspect a sick penis. I actually had a in depth, well as in depth as you can get with twin 7 year old boys about where babies come from. It was ridiculous what their mother's friends wanted me to tell them. Some shit like she swallowed some seeds and that is how they came to be in her stomach. I warned her about the joke in those lines. I informed her that when they find out about oral sex that they will be looking at her differently. Anyway we had a good time with it. We spoke about the different names for body parts and and about sexual intercourse. Hell it even turned into a art project with the boys drawing pictures with dad. I just think about the talk my dad had with me, basically he said "this house is not a pussy palace", yep that was it. Wrapping up parents need to be real with their kids on all levels be it money or sex, we need to teach them how the world works. Love the show. Will get the courage to call in one of these days.

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  3. Below is a conversation (not a contract) that helps people to see if they are on the same page when it comes to sex and it's repercussions. I think that if I am not comfortable enough to have this talk with someone then it's a sign that I should not be having sex with them. I answer these questions myself on episode 7 of my show.

    A “Safe(r) Sex” Conversation

    STIs are usually spread between partners who have no symptoms of infection.

    . 1)  Have you ever had any STIs?

    . 2)  Share the date and results of your most recent tests for any STIs.

    . 3)  How many partners have you had since your last examination or test for STIs?

    . 4)  Have you ever had unprotected sex?

    . 5)  Discuss protection. What will we use?

    . 6)  Discuss contraception. If pregnancy occurs, what will we do about it?

    . 7)  Discuss your sexual likes and dislikes, including asking for what you want and for what your partner (or partners) wants.

    . 8)  Make clear agreements about what you want.

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  4. The Asian lotto thief was more than likely Filipino. The Philippines was once a Spanish colony so a grip of Spanish last names still exist their.

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