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358: 50 Shades Of Blackness

Rod and Karen are joined by Kriss and Brandon to discuss the NWFO, laughing at depressing stuff, rape in cinema, Adam Carolla and his privilege when talking about black people, black fathers, shot for turning down drugs, taser beats sword, sex offender’s girlfriend likes the police department, racist tweets, bacon shortage, toddler playing with apes, trailer park ratchetness, flip flops at the scene of the crime and an accidental stabbing.

Intro: DatSkat – The Roots
Outro: He Say She Say – Lupe Fiasco

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  1. Dazz AKA @KunFuTrech

    09/22/2012 at 3:14 AM

    Put them niggas from "Snow On Tha Bluff" on "Sons of Anarchy". It'll be TOTALLY different show. And oh yeah, this episode was funny as FUCK! This was a really good episode.

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  2. Funny that Adam Carolla would be the one to bring up absentee fathers being a problem, given how much he complained about how messed up his own family has been and how that affected his upbringing. It could be part of his act, but he's constantly noted that his father was there but not there.

    I've listened to Carolla for years now, he's as much in my ears as your podcast. Just as I do with y'all, the times I disagree with him I just chalk it up to comedy. Enjoyed the discussion y'all had about it. Woo sah, Karen! Much love TBGWT!

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  3. I was really struck by your point Rod that even if the problem of absentee fathers was only a problem in black communities, it would still be an AMERICAN problem. You nailed it. Great lively discussion and I enjoyed Karen's passion.

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