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383: Mental Binder Full Of Women


Rod and Karen are joined by Justin to discuss African American Operations 2, water cooler voter fraud, racist code switching, the movies, War criminal, you dick is your enemy, condoms in porn, upper cut bus driver fired, Karen buts in, phatty girl interview, getting stuff from the democrats, sword on a rabbit, McAfee, chicken gospel, dentist under fire, gun range shooting, sword at car wash, suicidal over Obama, NAACP is bored, running over husband, how we injure our junk, sexist pig farmer, gator hides, sneaking into Epcot and making himself at home.

Intro: New Work Out Plan – Kanye
Outro: The World Is Filled – Notorious B.I.G.

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  1. Miss Krysable

    11/17/2012 at 8:02 AM

    1 mo thang: "Binders Full O' Women" Trapher Keepher Remix coming out soon in 2013!! Just need to find a country thug to spit the lyrics for me to a "Hustle Hard-esque" beat.

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  2. Miss Krysable

    11/17/2012 at 7:58 AM

    OHHH I see here that you guys won't be on for another 6 hours which means I didn't miss yall…"YESSSS"!

    Well in that case I have one more thing *Brent voice* 1. Why is the recurring donations option still new hmmm? 2. Why isn't Mr No Good from the podcast not one of the "Friends of the Show"??? Oh. my. GOODNESS Rodren!!! Duuuuude provides a tasty jolt of ratchetness on a weekly basis with a surprising amount of consciousness like he called the election like at least a month ago cuz he's from Ohio "Oh…Hi! Owww :/" And on top o that *Karen voice* he did/does porn (none of which I've seen…for realz tho…) but he's struggling to keep it mainstream and he has a depressed exwife I'm trying to find services for maybe she can get some obamacare so she can go to a shrink and get some prozac so my dude can do him! He's the type of dude that I admire from far far far away so I won't get swept up into all of that. he's like the really cool and universally respected (teachers and students alike) 19 year old, weed smoking semi-pseudo conscious high school senior who gives you the "Hov did that so hopefully you won't have to go through that" vibe and Rod he would have def told you that you had a future so you don't need to hang around him and Karen I'm 1812% sure that he would feel up on your booty and the club. OMGoodness Rodren if yall have him on the show I will be yall bestest bestest bester-rific-ness best friend EVER in this life and the next!!!!

    Ok my 3rd and last "One mo thang" my homie 4 life invited me to the local Santacon if I go I'll get a lil Santa's lil helper outfit from with the TBGWT code It'll come to like $13!!!! WOW!!! I'll keep yall posted with that now off to a kiddie party 🙂


    Miss Krysable

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  3. Miss Krysable

    11/17/2012 at 7:14 AM

    OMGoodness Rodren I fell asleep on this epi like 3 times!!! Matter of fact I'm typing this 11AM on Saturday so I hope yall get it in time :/ But yeaahhhh cumming makes you guys smarter huh well I just came up with the opposite realization a few months ago and confessed that my post sex brain don't work too good in a down syndrome voice and all a few days ago. Well let me try to listen again and trust I keep falling a sleep on the epi is not a reflection on yall it's me. Oh yeah and congrats to Justin because Alexa Yeames is now LEGAL!!! Get yours play boy 😉

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