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385: Elmo Love Kids

Rod and Karen are joined by Victor Varnado to discuss the rise of soda cost, slave labor, the KKK falls off, nerd gentrification, girl from the future, rotary phones, clingy phone apps, afterlife spoilers, AZ gun store owner, court house vandalism, Elmo, one last joint, Taliban email slip up, Sword ratchetness, Cornell West still mad, T-mobile stabbing, Doctor Rao, man eats own finger, and a man who says he Ain’t going back to jail.

Intro: Benz or a Beamer – Outkast
Outro: Nighttrain – Public Enemy

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  1. Random Excess

    11/21/2012 at 5:45 PM

    Loved the Nerd gentrification, it reminds me of people who guard family recipes. Really, what is the point of that? If the shit is good share that recipe, I love to eat good food.

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  2. You guys aint shit! The Elmo adlibs were classic. I listened three times and laughed like it was my first time hearing them.(Karens Elmo voice) Elmo will cut you deep. Thanks Karen lol Ok make it four i listened again while I was posting this comment.

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