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395: Stray Bullets Are Attracted To Success


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Rod and Karen are joined by the crew from the Straight Outta LoCash Podcast to discuss how they got into podcasting, stand up, writing, Katt Williams, porn, virus and trojans, Play 60, Starbucks messing up charities, Sinbad, Gerber life insurance, burglar picks wrong house, prank call suicide, sword ratchetness, Rob Parker, Tuberville dine and dash, black meteorologist, argument over beer and shooting over the Walking Dead.

Intro: Never Let Me Down – Kanye West
Outro: Drive By Theme Music – Omen

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  1. Great show I loved listening to the Straight Outta LoCash guys they were hilarious. And I also have to agree with you guys on Sinbad that nigga was funny as hell. Don't know what movies you like him in but one of my favorites my sister and I would watch was The Cherokee Kid though it was corny it still had some good laughs in it. Great show keep up the good work and Karen keep up them Tanks, Tank so hard dem Tanks cray.

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