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406: All My Baby Mamus


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Rod and Karen are joined by Rashanii and Tye Diamond to discuss the holidays, the service industry, working retail, Arab Street Hookers, classism in shopping, the pimp game for regular dudes, fine women working out, 5 guys psychology, Gamestop, Sony fighting used games, mistaken identity rape, praying to rob, priest blames women for rape, sword ratchetness, tied up priest, iPhone 4 set up and all my babies’ mamas.

Intro: Bag Pipes – Eminem
Outro: Touch It Pusha T

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  1. Archangyll (AKA Mars

    01/11/2013 at 6:26 PM

    I loved this episode! Both Rashanii and Tye Diamond were excellent guests and as usual both Rob, Rob, Rob ( I can do it too:)) and Karen were hilarious as usual. One of my favourite episodes by far. Are the nominations closed for the Tippy's yet? I think I have my first noms!

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  2. AJAY "The Guyve

    01/10/2013 at 4:41 PM

    Love the show, I have a quick retail story from when I worked at Academy Sports and Outdoors in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The year the New Orleans Saints won the Superbowl I had to work with my cousin. We came in at 2;00 pm and had to close that night, we both worked the footware department. as much as we liked the Saints it was a long nite and we both wanted to go home. After we finished closing for the night we walk around and listen to the game on the radio when the manager told us hey if the Saints win we would have to stay cause they had the shirts and hats in the back. So of course the Saints won and I didn't get off till 1:00am in the morning. Then it took me another 30 minutes just to make it home cause the streets looked like Mardis Gras.

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  3. I see you knew better than to ask Siri for directions to the Hospital, that useless shit would've had you driving to Texas.

    Say word Rod I saw the pictures of the car and I know dude said he thanks God but I'm gonna give a shout out to government safety standards, some airbags and the engineers that come up with that shit. Because 20 years ago niggas was still believing in God but you didn't walk away from shit like that. Big up's to Science!!

    I know bout that ride to the hospital man, before we were married ~ 9 years ago my wife rolled a Camry into a ditch on the highway at 65 mph. She was like 2hrs away from Memphis, Nigga that is the longest car ride I ever took but aside from some scrapes and bruises she was good. Them Airbags and steel safety cages are the way to go.

    Mrs Karen, I'm real glad you did walk away from that wreck

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  4. I listened to your January 6, 13 podcast this morning. I like your approach to everyday events.

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  5. Will you guys please slow down? I am SO far behind with show after Christmas, I am on the December 22 show,,,

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