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437: Dick-tim Blaming

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Rod and Karen are joined by Devon Elizabeth to discuss her musical background, music on the radio, Groupon dates, Andrea from the Walking Dead, March Madness, New Pope, FDNY EMT racist, Fake ADHD, Lil Wayne still alive, waffle fries, women and condoms, female condoms, history months, cookies from @CarnalDish, zipper shock, Chuck E. Cheese violence, knob gobbler, eye popping fight, sword ratchetness, fake attack, proposal planning, suing Dr. Oz, Elmo does meth and using a child for murder.

Intro: All I Ever Wanted – Devon Elizabeth
Outro: Nothing New – Devon Elizabeth

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  1. AJAY "The Guyver"

    03/23/2013 at 9:23 AM

    Hey Rod and Karen a great show like always with your former work mate Devon. I hope you bring her back again cause the interaction with her and Karen ganging up on you was priceless. Karen I had a feeling you named this episode and I was not disappointed keep up the great work you two!!

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  2. My head was just shaking the whole way through that female condom topic. On an unrelated note, Devon and I go together now. If you could pass that information along to her, Rod, I’d appreciate it…

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  3. What’s up Rod and Karen? Another excellent show. I loved the debate about female condoms. I did figure the women would side against it, ’cause it’s not the norm. At the very least anything that puts a womans mind to work ,trying to discern reasoning or motive, will generally put off the sex. Seriously though, Karen and Devon were trying to paint the picture of the man being a wierdo or a homosexual. Even if that’s not the social norm that’s not cool. Maybe if the guy in question was a doctor then it will be less scrutinized.

    Not sure if that is the actual case. Upon further inspection it looks as if the female condoms would be more hindering to the female sex experience similar to the male couter part. I’m sure we can come to a mutual understanding on this subject without the slander. I dare to say any man worth laying with wants her pleasure to an equal degree as his own. At least if he want to maximize his enjoyment of current and future sexual activity. Or maybe that’s just me!

    Great show! Devon is very talented from what little I’ve seen. In general Rod has similar taste in music so I’ll take a listen. I appreicate this show so much. The ability to be comedic and look at subjects from angles that aren’t always the most comfortable.


    Charles S.

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  4. Official Scientist

    03/22/2013 at 4:15 PM

    also my guess for the penis eater…

    crazy internet wolf bitch black

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  5. Official Scientist

    03/22/2013 at 10:29 AM

    SHOUT OUT TO DEVON FOR THAT UNFORGIVABLE REFERENCE TO THE WAFFLE FRIES!!! I HEARD YOU GIRL! hahahaha i loved those videos so much… my friends used to make those when we were freshmen in college… good times

    smh Rod… but kudos for being scientific about your fries… Karen I think you're right though… in reflecting on the placement of the skin on the Chik-fil-a fries (i don't eat chicken -southern black pescitarin- but my friend eats there and i eat her fries…especially the skinned ones because for some weird reason she won't eat those ANYWAYSSSSSS…. to the point… yea the only way the skin can be like that is if they slice the potato long ways and then "cookie-cutter" them into waffles….

    1-Devon 1-Karen so far… Rod-.5 (I'm still listening so I might be back)


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  6. jprojectz AKA Justin

    03/22/2013 at 6:20 AM

    Mr. Morrow. Sir. Fuck u for making those cookies sound SO DAMN GOOD!!i been fienin for some homemade chocolate chip cookies!I immediately paused the show and went searching for the website. (I thought u said carmel not carnal which is much sexier). So I find the site, and their sold out. “wut!?the fuck!?” then looking around I understood n saw they had a variety of choices. But all dem shits sold out too!! Only thing left was the “big sugar cookie”…..the rail-thin, pretty white chick of the cookie family. Fuck that! So I signed up for the newsletter n will hopefully b hearing from them soon.but yea, fuck u and thank u Sir, cuz I had no idea mail-order, homemade treats existed before Thursday.

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  7. Found you all through the Straight Outta Locash Guys and love what you all are doing!! The show with you all rocked! And I am subscribed and down with ya

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