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Will I Get A Tattoo? (30/100)

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If we get to 100 PayPal monthly subscribers for TBGWT Premium I promise to get a tattoo of the “#TBGWT” logo. Can the fans make this happen? Well, I’m writing this right now to keep you updated and involved on our progress. Right now our current number of monthly subscribers is 30 and it’s only been 4 days since we announced the TBGWT Premium service. As I stare at my currently unblemished arm I’m starting to get nervous because you guys might actually make this happen! I’m embracing this feeling because that’s how everything has felt since I was laid off. I work harder now than I did at my 40 hour a week job because this show is a 24 hour 7 day a week obligation of love.

It’s been a very eventful week for us at The Black Guy Who Tips and we have to thank you fans for all of the support you’ve shown us thus far. We’ve launched our spin-off shows, started TBGWT Premium and have continued our new 5 shows per week format. We couldn’t take these steps with out you. So thank you so much just for actually valuing our time and efforts. A lot of people think we’re crazy to go out on a limb and rely upon our audience to actually show monetary support for all our hard work. You continue to prove them wrong every day.

When I lost my job almost 2 months ago I tried to think of it not as losing my main source of income but gaining an opportunity to fulfill my potential. If it wasn’t for you guys I wouldn’t have a goal to work towards. It really feels like I’m sailing into the unknown here and putting more faith in people than I ever have before. I feel like the work we’ve done and continue to do is definitely worth it.

The question is “What is TBGWT worth to listeners?” I guess we’ll find out the answer together. As a podcast listener myself I know what it’s like to have a show take your mind away from whatever mundane task is at hand while you’re in your cubicle at work. While for the vast majority of shows it’s free to listen at the same time it’s also priceless.

Karen and I have let the audience into our lives episode by episode over the course of the last 3 years. We’ve done so much to cultivate the coolest audience in podcasting bar none but TBGWT Premium gives us the chance to do even more. I’ve always stressed that you guys don’t owe use anything and you still don’t. We’ll continue doing the main show and providing it completely free of charge. TBGWT Premium gives us the chance to have our feet on solid ground when making plans for the show. It gives us something we can count on when it comes to paying our bills. Even though the checks from my employer stopped… the bills didn’t. Can you believe that?

You can look forward to more spin off shows coming this week. We have our first ever “Medium Talk” where I talked to a phone sex operator about her job in addition to additional episodes of all the other spin off shows from last week. We’ve got you guys covered because you guys cover us.

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  1. @iDamienJackson

    05/16/2013 at 2:00 PM

    Well stated my Damie, Rod you and Karen have opened my mind to so many things that I couldn’t even mention and I am proud to be a Fan. Y’all niggas keep me laughing and provoking thought on the regular and I WILL continue to support any way I can. Peace My Damies Sign yo Pitty on the Runny Kind.

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