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1031: Getting Some Head By The Water


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Rod and Karen discuss the NFL start, Cialis ads, This Ain’t Good Times porn parody, McDonald’s reservations, Helen Mirren’s feminism, Coke blocking, dislike button coming to Facebook, Black and Sexy coming to BET, Frat bro suicide, man slanders Obama, Sheryl Underwood apologizes, Pope makes annulments easier, Dunkin Donuts lawsuit, Native American woman dies in jail, Iyanla on Black Lives Matter, Ridley Scott still racist, BallerAlert, woman punches kid, bus driver joy ride, foot fetish man and sword ratchetness.

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  1. I have to give Sheryl Underwood her props for coming out with a real apology after all this time when she really didn’t have to. And I say she didn’t have to because the incident happened two years ago and people had moved on. Most of us had forgotten it. Most naturalista talk about their natural hair journey because it is a journey. Sometimes you start from a point where you can’t embrace the hair you were born with to loving it. For some it takes a while to get to that point and it seems like she’s just getting there. Black women with kinky textured hair are taught from an early age subliminally and blatantly, that our hair isn’t as beautiful as women with European or Asian textured hair that’s why its important for women of color with a platform to be cognizant of what you say so we don’t send the message to little girls that something is inherently wrong with them because of their hair. At the end of the day, how one wears their hair is a personal choice, but we have to be careful that we’re not making women feel less than because they weren’t born with indian hair. Kudos to her.

  2. uaintgottheansa

    09/17/2015 at 9:44 PM

    Normally, I laugh loud as hell & make a note to comment later but forget. This time, I related so much with Karen that I had to log on and comment. She was talking about the Catholic church & their ‘rules’, Karen had me flatlining & rushing to your site to comment when she was said:

    “Ohhhhh, ok….so this is some bullshit that they just made up? Ok. Because if I wanna divorce you, Im gonna divorce you; fck what your rules say. Extra work to leave yo’ ass??? And THENNN, a thousand dollars?! Just so you can give me a cracker & a wafer?! WHAT? NO THANK YOU. I can do that at the house for FREE.”

    I listened to that twice because I was as outraged as she was when she heard it. NAH. NOPE. Karen stated no lies….I couldn’t have said it better myself. You guys are awesome!

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