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Rod and Karen discuss the latest mass shooting, Loretta Lynch on police killing reporting, Omarion, El Faro, Slut Walk, woman stabs husband, bill for not attending a wedding, BallerAlert, OJ Simpson thoughts, toy gun to a bar fight, Youtube pimp, caregiver ties up disabled man and sword ratchetness.

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  1. I’m with you on the solution to gun violence in this country. We just have to eliminate guns from our society. As you’ve alluded to, we’ve proven over many years that 1) We aren’t responsible enough to handle these things. And it’s not just the mass shootings. It’s the citizens being able to easily shoot people over stupid squabbles. It’s police officers who can’t keep their hands of the trigger when the person they’re encountering is a certain color. It’s the countless number of kids who stumble upon their parents gun and shoot themselves or someone else. Just at every turn, we’ve proven our inadequacy in handling these weapons.

    2) Also, as you’ve indicated, if you want a gun, there are far too many avenues to get it. People talk about all these elaborate schemes on how to choose who gets a gun at the store like there aren’t several different venues. Venues where all you gotta do is come up with the money.

    Like I watched Obama’s video and I felt the same exacerbation that you feel and that permiated his voice. It really feels like mass shootings aren’t national tragedies, but more like national events that are a part of the fabric of this country like slavery and apple pie. And that’s scary. And the side in favor of guns is digging in as deep as ever. So there’s really no other way.

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