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SMR 153: Roman J. Israel, Esq

Rod and comedian Chris Lamberth of the Mundane Festival Podcast discuss Denzel’s eclectic film Roman J Israel, Esq.

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    As someone who’s on the Autism spectrum, I commented Denzel for playing the character that he did. Roman’s oft-kilter social cues, doing memorizing the history of the cases, etc. I never felt he was mocking people on the spectrum, he was understanding it by playing this character as the film went on. It speaks to his dedication as one of the best actors of our time. More than anything, he elevated an otherwise good film into something more. Also, big shoutouts to Colin Farrell & Carmen Ejojo, they also brought their A game.

  2. Selester63

    I enjoyed this movie. It was a different look for Denzel portraying an eccentric character. I read an article where Denzel said that his character had a combination of Autism and Asperger’s. I agree with Chris that Roman’s crime wasn’t worthy of death, but I had a feeling he would die because he kept telling George Pierce (Colin Farrell) that he had taken that potential landmark case as far as it would go and therefore handing it off to him. I also agree with Rod that Carmen Ejogo’s character was fine, I think she genuinely liked Roman without any sexual overtones. Like Chris said Denzel is the GOAT so whenever he makes a movie I’m there.

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