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1619: Black Panther Delivered

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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. MatthewDelano

    Growth and development! Y’all truly champion this. Dayum I love y’all. Black Panther was everything. I cried too breddren and then when I got home and was processing thru the experience of this film with Rebecca, my wonderful wife and sexy best friend, I cried way more. And while I’m listening to u both speak how we are conditioned in this fukked up society as young black boys, I WAS BALLING at work. Listening to u all’s show the past 2.5 years has been soo mind opening and therapeutic and truly helped me to not only pursue my dreams, become a better man, father and husband, but u both have helped me to continue to grow and develop into a fully formed human being. I will go back to school this fall, at 35, to pursue my career in social work and counseling so I can finally get paid to do what I love, help our ppl to “grow and develop “ thank u both, I love u like family. Bless up Yaselves✊Empaths unite

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